The Day to Quit!

World Tobacco Day

Today is the 25th anniversary of “World No Tobacco” Day with this year’s theme being “tobacco industry interference”.  The mission is to stop the tobacco industry’s aggressive attempts to reverse anti-tobacco regulations that the WHO has put forth.  These regulations include health warnings on packages of tobacco, smoking bans in enclosed public places, and banning tobacco advertising and promotion.

Tobacco has been cited as one of top preventable causes of death, as it kills close to 6 million people each year.  In the US alone, cigarette smoking is the cause of approximately 1 in 5 deaths every year.  To put this statistic in perspective, this is more than car accidents, suicides, murders, AIDS, alcohol, and illegal drugs combined.

To learn more about how you can quit with a built-in support system of ex-smokers who successfully quit themselves, check out the American Cancer Society’s “Quit for Life” Program: (they even help you calculate how much money you’ll save from kicking the habit!)

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