Thank You, Soldiers!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, always on the last Monday in May, originated as a federal holiday to honor those who died fighting in the Civil War.  In the 20th century it was transformed into a day to pay tribute to ALL fallen servicemen and women from the US Armed Forces.  Many now use this long weekend to gather with friends and family to honor relatives who died fighting for our country and show their patriotism through veteran dedications, firework displays, parades & more.

If you’re heading to a neighborhood backyard BBQ this weekend (or want to bring your co-workers a festive, morale-boosting treat!) and are still in search of a simple, yet patriotic dish, you’re in luck! Here are a couple ideas using strawberries that will “wow” party guests…and taste pretty dee-lish too!

Creme Filled Strawberries

Creme Filled Strawberries Topped With Blueberries

Chococolate Covered Strawberries

Chococolate Covered Strawberries Dipped In Sprinkles

If you haven’t’ already, be sure to pick up your patriotic scrubs from Uniform Advantage, so you can have them in time for the 4th of July!

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