Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Peaches Uniforms ~Congrats Winners!

Peaches Med Couture Scrubs Uniform Advantage

Below are the 5 winners who were chosen randomly from the correct entries.  Here are the colors in the #P8401 top that are also named after fruits:

Watermelon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, & Plum

  1. Margot Califf
  2. Courtney Hare
  3. Kathleen Grinavic
  4. Tess Ayllon
  5. Monica Schachtlie

We will be emailing the winners to see which color, size, and style scrub sets from the Peaches Med Couture scrubs collection you would like.  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.  Thank you to everyone who participated and keep a lookout for our next exciting contest!

2 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Peaches Uniforms ~Congrats Winners!

  1. My favorite day was the first day of my current job. At my last job, I had to wear pewter colored scrubs every day. Dark grey, how depressing! Now I get to wear any scrubs I want and I choose brightly colored scrubs and people always complement me on them!! People tell me that they brighten their day and I agree, they brighten my day, too!

  2. I have been buying ua for a couple years now and I have enough of uniforms to wear one different one everyday. I get alot of compliments from my patients and co-workers about my ulniforms. The biggest one is that they are colorful and they are brightfulness. Some say they are cheerful looking also. The co-workers have ask me where I get my uniforms and I tell them from ua. I really enjoyed all the different kinds of scrubs I have bought from you. So thankyou for being on line because thats the only way I can shop because i’m always working and don’t have enough time to visit. If I can put a smile on my patients face I will continue to buy happy uniforms.
    Tina O’Quinn

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