A UA Makeover Success Story!

Uniform Advantage Uniform Makeover

Uniform Advantage recently partnered with Dr. Pyle’s Dental Practice in Weston, FL to do a complete uniform makeover.

A uniform look is important to Dr. Pyle because he’s found it makes busy mornings easier for his staff, improves patient perception, and optimizes team morale.  Since they are also located in South Florida, Uniform Advantage was able to go on-site to alleviate the stress that their office manager, Beth, had experienced in the past from the group ordering process.  Beth found that in the past, ordering for the entire office had proved to be a time consuming and exhausting task that was full of returns and exchanges.

When it came time for the staff to get new scrubs, it was Uniform Advantage to the rescue!   Our Outbound Sales team was able to go to the office on their lunch break, in an effort to minimize interruptions to their workday and patient visits.  The UA team came equipped with a variety of samples from several brands that Uniform Advantage carries, and we were thrilled when they picked our very own exclusive, Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA™ brand as their favorite!  Our experienced team helped determine which styles worked best for each staff member based on their body type and personal preferences.  It turned out that some of the styles the staff thought they wouldn’t look good in were their “winning looks”!   Even with a uniform color and matching logos, each staff member was able to look unique and fashionable with their own style in scrub top and pant.  It was a successful (and fun!) day getting to know Dr. Pyle and his staff and helping them look their best, so they can keep the focus on their busy dental practice.

Does your office sound like Dr. Pyle’s?  Enlist the help of our Outbound Sales team by emailing groupsales@uniformadvantage.com .  Our skilled team can travel locally or work remotely with your staff to bring ease to the ordering process and provide your staff members with a uniform (yet customized) look.

To view the complete footage from our day at Dr. Pyle’s, be sure to visit our very own Uniform Advantage You Tube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lo2P7oO6e0.  Let us know what you think of the transformations, we think they look pretty spiffy!


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