We Love Our Moms!


As you (hopefully) know by now, this Sunday is Mother’s Day!  Even though we think every day should be Mother’s Day, this is the official day that mom has to kick her feet up and be appreciated.   Do you know how the holiday originated?

West Virginia became the first state to officially recognize Mother’s Day in 1912, thanks to the persistent petitioning done by Anna Jarvis, who led a state-wide women’s group.  President Woodrow Wilson then approved it for national observance in 1914, designating its celebration on the second Sunday in May.   In the 1920’s and 30’s the holiday started gaining momentum and was most popularized by florists pushing white carnations as the best way to honor mom.  Anna Jarvis was furious at the commercialization of Mother’s Day and spent the rest of her life petitioning and protesting against the growing trend.

I heart mom

We asked a few of our UA team members something special they learned from their mom or a favorite  memory, here are a few of the highlights:

  •  “My mom & I have this thing that we always say to each other when hanging up the phone or when we sends texts or cards: She says “IGTBYM” (It’s Good To Be Your Mother) and I always say “IGTBYD” (It’s Good To Be Your Daughter)  ~it’s our little thing! She is truly my best friend & I thank God for her every day.”
  • “I learned from my mom that it’s not the material things that matter but the experiences and times you have with the people around you that count the most.”
  • “When I used to hold my mom’s hand as a little kid in a crowded public place or crossing the street, she used to squeeze mine 3 times in a row to say “I love you” it was our own special code!”
  • “One of my favorite things about Mother’s Day is not just honoring my own mother and grandmother, but honoring those women who act as surrogate mothers to me.  The act of mothering isn’t simply confined to one’s own mother; nor does it always involve a parent-child relationship.”
  • “May 2003, was my first Mother’s Day… and being able to be in a photo with my daughter, my mom, and my grandmother (who was 95 at the time) was just mind-blowing to me.  I didn’t believe I would ever become a mom, so it was a true blessing and extremely special that I was finally ‘in the club’”

 Tell us!  What is your favorite way to spend Mother’s Day?  A fun family outing? Helping her out around the house? Breakfast in bed?  If she’s a “medical mom” offer to wash and iron her scrubs for her!

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