Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Grey’s Anatomy™ By Barco~Congrats Winners!


Hope that you all enjoyed yesterday’s Win-it-Wednesday featuring some new items from the Spring Grey’s Anatomy scrubs “must-haves”!   We are loving the new Aqua color!  Below are the 5 winners who were chosen randomly from the correct entries.  Here are the coordinating colors based on whichever color plaid top is your favorite:

Plaid Pink: Nectar, Passion, and Pink Quartz

Plaid Blue: Blue Moon and Indigo

Plaid Aqua: Aqua, Teal, and Steel Gray

  1. Krystyna Schissler
  2. Alison Ginter
  3. Caren Qin
  4. Lillian White
  5. Andrea Dent

We will be emailing the winners to see which color plaid top and what color and style pant from the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs collection you would like.  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.  Thanks again to everyone for your feedback and keep a lookout for our next exciting contest!

One Comment on “Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Grey’s Anatomy™ By Barco~Congrats Winners!

  1. Thank you! I’ll be waiting for an email 🙂

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