Congratulations to UA Scholarship Recipient, Kamonchanok G!

UA MDC Scholarship

Uniform Advantage formed an agreement last year with Miami Dade College to give a scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund to one lucky nursing student each semester. Per the scholarship, we will be giving away $500 to be used towards tuition, books and fees and a $100 Uniform Advantage gift card, which can be used towards nursing scrubs and accessories. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and must be accepted into one of Miami Dade College’s nursing programs.

The Spring 2012 recipient of the scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund1 is Kamonchanok G.  Kamonchanok is currently in her first year of Nursing School at Miami Dade College.  She thinks that the best part of nursing is getting to work closely with patients, talking to them to understand how she can best provide for them.  Kamonchanok always had an interest in the medical field growing up, but wasn’t sure which career path was the best fit for her within this field.  The more she learned about herself, she realized that she had a passion to help and care for people in their time of need and nursing was the best career to fulfill these ambitions.

We asked her if the profession is any way different or more difficult now that she has experienced it, versus when she first decided to enter the program.  She said that she was surprised that nurses required a much more diverse skill set than she originally expected.  They are expected to not only care for their patients, but also educate and act as advocates.

Her ideal job would be at a busy hospital that provides high quality care with opportunities for her to practice nursing safely and continue to learn to become a skilled advanced practice nurse.  When she’s not studying she loves to shop, write poetry, translate and subtitle Thai music and movies, dine out, and play the Ukulele.  Even though as a student now she must wear all white uniforms by school policy, she is excited to wear snazzier scrubs with her first job (her favorite color is pink!)

Congratulations again, Kamonchanok, on receiving this scholarship and we wish you the best of luck in your remaining years in school!

 1 Miami Dade College awards the scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund to one nursing student each semester.  For more information, visit the Financial Aid Department.

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