Age the Healthy Way This World Health Day

World Health Day 2012

Mirtha Nordet, a retired ophthalmologist, teaches her teenage grandson how to salsa dance a few times a month as a way to stay active and feel “liberated”

Today is more than just the day before Easter and the first day of Passover, it’s also World Health Day!  There is a different theme each year to commemorate the World Health Organization’s birthday back in 1948.   The theme for World Health Day 2012 is “Aging and Health: good health adds life to years”.

Around the world, the human race is aging at rates that haven’t been seen before in history.  In the near future the aging population will outnumber the population of children.  So this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made it its mission to draw attention to this campaign that is a global issue that will affect us all.

The WHO provided countries and their governments with 4 key solutions to the challenges that actively aging populations face:

  1.  Promote healthy behaviors at ALL ages-Preventative measures at all ages including a healthy diet, physical activity, and limited consumption of alcohol and tobacco products greatly reduce the risk of chronic disease down the road.
  2.  Minimize chronic disease– Chronic disease can still prevail, despite preventative measures.  Early detection through regular check-ups is the best way to manage these conditions.  For those already inflicted with such diseases, having quality care resources in place is necessary.
  3. Create positive physical and social environments“Age friendly” physical and social environments need to be in place to facilitate the health and activity of an aging population.
  4. “Reinvent aging”-With this new model of aging becoming a reality, we must shape positive social attitudes for our future society, and encourage the older generation to participate in order to create a society we will all want to be a part of.

For more information about this year’s World Health Day or to see past year’s themes, visit the WHO site here.

One Comment on “Age the Healthy Way This World Health Day

  1. I love reading articals like this Age the healthy way this world health day! Why???? This is reality! The economy isn’t good so as we age we must be able to make money to live. If we learn to stay active physically and socially we can enjoy life way much better as we age.
    To find work we enjoy is a blessing and keeps us young! I enjoy at 54 yrs. old spending time with my grandkids gardening and watersking. Yesterday on Easter we played freesbe and baseball! Kids love it when you play with them!
    I believe preventative measures is the key to enjoying aging. If you don’t take care of yourself you are no good to anyone else!

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