Win-It-Wednesday featuring Alegria™ Shoes~ Congrats to Our Winner!

Alegria Win it Wednesday

We hope everyone had fun in yesterday’s first nursing shoes themed Win-it-Wednesday.  Getting customer feedback on what you’re looking for in a shoe and what styles are your favorites helps us to bring the best products straight to you!

At the beginning of the day yesterday there were 31 different styles of Alegria shoes, however the Mini Zebra Patent Leather Feliz shoe sold out mid-day so we accepted the answer of 30 styles as well! Here is the winner who was randomly chosen from the pool of correct entries:

Durinda Campbell with, There are currently 31 Alegria shoe styles on the site. My favorite pair is the Alegria Women’s Seville Embossed Black Poppy Shoe. They have the cute adjustable strap that can be swiveled forward or backward for comfort. The cute color will match almost any scrub set.”

Keep checking back on our Facebook page and blog; the next Alegria™ shoes giveaway may not be too far off!

 We will be emailing the winner to see which size and style of your new Alegria shoes you would like.  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.


One Comment on “Win-It-Wednesday featuring Alegria™ Shoes~ Congrats to Our Winner!

  1. The answer is 7 styles. Even Alegria doesn’t have 30+ styles but they do have 30+ colors in different styles. UA carries multiple colors for certain (7) styles. Just thought you should know 🙂

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