Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Alegria™ Shoes!

Alegria Win it Wednesday

The weather’s getting warmer and it’s staying lighter longer at night, must mean one  thing…Spring is here!  UA and Alegria™ shoes want to put even more of a “Spring” in your step with our latest contest.  We’re giving UA blog followers the chance to step into FREE Alegria shoes, the luxurious choice for comfort and fashion at work!

Out of the correct entries, we will RANDOMLY choose 1 winner, who will receive a free pair of shoes from the Alegria shoes collection on the UA site!  To answer, please post a comment on this blog post (please don’t post on the UA Facebook page so it doesn’t give the answer away).  The contest ends today, Wednesday (4/4) at midnight EST and we will announce the winner tomorrow (4/5).

Question: How many styles of Alegria™ shoes do we currently have on the UA site?  Now…tell us which one is your favorite and why!?  (Don’t forget to click the “Like” Facebook button on your favorite Alegria™ shoe’s product page!)


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!!

51 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Alegria™ Shoes!

  1. 31 styles of Alegria shoes. My favorite is the Alegria Women’s Seville Leather Clog because its the perfect for work or anywhere else!

  2. You have 31 pairs of shoes on your site. I love the houndstooth!

  3. There are 31 styles . My favorite is the white snake leather shoe. I like white cause it goes with alot of my clothes and are easier to clean.

  4. 23, the white doll600, because it can be worn with any scrub and it is completly closed.

  5. 31 Alegria Shoes Styles. Think I like the Choco Gloss Feliz Shoe the best, it is so cute and looks very comfortable.

  6. 14 styles, 31 shoes of different colors. i love the seville leather clog ( i love real leather shoes) and the fabric chrome classical for style and comfort all wrapped into one shoe!

  7. Uniform Advantage has 31 Alegria shoes styles (but one style is sold out & when you click on the “sort by style” button it says 27). My favorite is the Alegria Women’s Fabric Chrome Classic Clog because it is a nice color and would fit any outfit!

  8. There’s seven different styles. My favorite is the black stone leather seville clog. I love the design.

  9. There are 31 styles of Alegria shoes. My favorite style is the Alegria woman’s classic tortoise leather clog. I love the print because it looks like leopard and would match with my black Butter Soft scrubs!

  10. On one page it says it has 27 styles; on another it says UA has 31 Alegria shoes (style FEL420 is sold out). I like the Black Leather Patent Seville Clog. Even though it’s for women, it still looks like a good shoe for a man.

  11. 31 styles….my favorite style is Style# ALG383
    Alegria Women’s Fabric Chrome Classic Clog
    I think they are super cute and functional in the workplace. I used to have to wear ugly shoes to work, and now with these new styles I can wear cute shoes to work.

  12. 31 styles. And my favorite pair is the black leather slip on, because they would go with all my variety of scrubs and I could then have the comfort of then everyday at work. 😉

  13. There are 6 different styles that UA carries… the Classic, Donna, Debra, Seville, Feliz, and Paloma. I personally like the Classic as that is what I own. They are super comfortable and there are some many colors and designs to choose from.

  14. There’s seven different styles. I love the black sttone leather seville clog. I like the design and color

  15. Hi! There are 31 different amazing styles. My favorite is the Style# DEB600
    Alegria Women’s Debra White Leather Slip-On Shoe. That one is my favorite because it’s classic and it would match with any outfit!

  16. There are 31 different pairs of allegria shoes. allegria womans fabric chrome classic clog is my favorite design/style. These shoes are so comfortable that after a full 12 hour shift at the hospital my feet do not hurt. The design fits my personality perfectly!

  17. There are 31 pairs/ diffrent styles, my favorite is the alegria womans paloma black patent shoe size 8

  18. 30 with one Style sold out. I like style #fel710. They look very great.

  19. 30 styles. My fave is the fantasia nursing clog!

  20. There are 31 styles of Alegria shoes offered by UA. My favorites are: the blue stone leather #SEV583. Love the color and texture! Also really like the style of the choco gloss feliz #FEL552.

  21. There is 31 shoes posted on the website and my favorite shoe is style# Fel552 and I like them because they look really comfortable.

  22. 31 styles with my favorite being the Classic Black Patent Clog b/c you can wear it with any scrub top and Im 5’2 so anything with a platform is my best friend:)

  23. 31 styles of Alegria shoes on website; my favorite is Style# FEL551 i like the strap with silver button detail. I like the black print and I like the back on the heel.

  24. 31 styles of Alegria shoes. I like the black stone ones!

  25. Love Win-It-Wednesday and Alegria!! Thank you Uniform Advantage!!

  26. There are 31 different Alegria shoes offered on the UA website, with one of them (the feliz zebra) being sold out. I think the blue stone seville is my favorite. I like it because it is colorful, and because it has a back strap which is a requirement of my employer. UA has so many wonderful styles of shoes. It makes it hard to decide!

  27. I’m a new-grad nurse these would be amazing to win!!!
    You currently have 31 awesome styles of this shoe

  28. 31 styles of Alegria shoes. My favorite one is the Black Stone Leather Seville Clog because it looks very comfortable yet classy and dressed up for work!

  29. There are currently 31 Alegria shoe styles on the site. My favorite pair is the
    Alegria Women’s Seville Embossed Black Poppy Shoe. They have the cute adjustable strap that can be swiveled forward or backward for comfort. The cute color will match almost any scrub set.

  30. It seems there are 6, classic, paloma, seville, debra, feliz, and donna.
    My favorite of the ones you have listed is the Blue Lovely Seville. I really like the blue color in the shoe as it seems like it would go with many of my different uniforms, especially in the summer time and do not have a seville styled shoe yet. Also it would look really nice with the lighter colored jeans in the summer time as well. I always get lots of compliments when I wear my alegria shoes and have recommended them to several people I have met.

  31. There are 27 styles of Alegria shoes. The one I like the best is Alegria Women’s Blue Stone Leather Seville Clog. It reminds my of the blue ocean with the sun light glistening on it.

  32. There are 27 styles of Alegria shoes. The style I like the best is Alegria Women’s Blue Stone Leather Seville Clog. It reminds me of the blue ocean with the sun light glistening off of it.

  33. I am thinking there are about 125 styles of Alegria shoes on the website now. I love my sandals that just got last weekend. They have an enclosed toe and heal and work with my scrubs or jeans. I have a forth pair of shoes on order right now. The new “lattice” looking clog. Can’t wait.

  34. There are 31 different styles on UA’s website. Please pick me I would love to win a pair of your very stylish shoes, and could really use a pair too as I am on my feet for 8-10 hours a day.

  35. There are 31 styles of Alegria Shoes. I like Alegria womens’s Brilliant Snake Classic Leather Clog

  36. There are 27 styles of the Alegria style on the UA website. My favorite is the Alegria Women’s Fabric Chrome Classic Clog. I love the classic clogs because they are so crazy comfortable and so cute with scrubs!

  37. Wow I did not know there were so many styles of Alegria shoes!!! I counted 30 and my absolute favorite is style # FEL552 Choco Rose Feliz Shoe in size 40: I like that style because I am a laid-back person and I have always been attracted to the browns. The color seems to fit my laid-back personality and they are super cute. I love the strap and little heart on the side and butterfly. I have wide feet and in the description it says this style is good for that.

    They look so cute!!! I hope you guys give us the answer. I hope I guessed right! Thank you UA for Win-It Wednesdays!

  38. 31 pairs of alegria shoes. My favorite pair is the sophistisnake.

  39. right now there are 31 different choices(style/color combos). i love the black tool clogs !
    btw-these contests are great !!!

  40. I believe there are 6 different styles!!! My favorite pair would have to be the fantasia nursing clog #DON550! I love the colors! They definitely resemble spring and would probably match the UA Ceil Blue perfectly!!!

  41. I just got off work and it looks like I still have time to enter the contest.

    There is a total of 31 alegria products on your website and there are 6 different styles. These styles include the classic clog, debra slip-on, feliz shoe, seville clog, paloma, and donna professional clog. There are multiple variations of each style. My personal favorite is the Alegria Women’s Brilliant Snake Classic Leather Clog, as I feel that it best suits my personality. It is the perfect combination of “runway” and “professional” and since I enjoy wearing “fun” shoes to work, these would be a great addition to my collection! Thanks! 🙂

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