Sophie’s Latest Picks (& Petals)!

Sophie's Picks

Everyone survive the dreaded Monday yesterday?  Well I’m here here to brighten up your Tuesday, with my third and fourth “picks” from the UA Scrubs fashion team!

WT68POW Poetic Play White Mock Wrap Scrub Top

WT68POW Poetic Play White Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Pink and Green

Kelly green and fuchsia are one of my favorite color combinations, so this this mock wrap scrub top pick was a no-brainer for me.  This scrub top takes it a step further with the lighter and darker contrasting shades of pink.   The artistic “sketch” print of this scrub top also gives it a tropical vibe, which everytime I look at it, reminds me of being on a beach in Hawaii (a girl can dream right?).   The customizable back tie allows for a defined waist and feminine shape, even in scrubs!

UA537STS Spring Time Splash Willow Round Neck Scrub Top

UA537STS Spring Time Splash Willow Round Neck Scrub Top


This pick was a win-win for combining two of my favorite Spring trends, floral (in case you couldn’t tell from the first 3 picks) and mint green.  Mint green, or seafoam is everywhere in magazines and stores as this season’s “it” pastel.  Personally, I think it is a great pick-me-up color!  The daisies paired with it remind me of a Spring day on a kindergarden playground, convinced that “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” with a flower’s petals would accurately predict my future husband J.  Unfortuantely, we all can’t spend every day of Spring in a grassy field of flowers but this top may just be the next best thing.  I’m also a huge fan of empire waist scrub tops, paired with the back cinching creates a flattering shape for many different body types.

Remember, you can find all of my past picks on the Uniform Advantage Pinterest page, so look there to see them all in one place!

Ok Scrub-in-istas, what are your favorite parts of these scrub tops?


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