Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Butter-Soft by UA™~ Congrats Winners!

Butter-Soft by UA™

Thank you all for your participation in yesterday’s Win-it-Wednesday.  We loved all of the positive comments about Butter-Soft and hearing about what colors and styles are your favorites!

Here are the 10 winners who were randomly drawn from the pool of correct entries:

  1. Melissa Siwy
  2. Angela Brooks
  3. Erica Callipare
  4. Kim Mileskie
  5. Melissa Bowman
  6. Pam Slizofski
  7. Marleen Matsko
  8. Renee Rogers
  9. Denise Diegel
  10. Christine Seeber

We will be emailing the winners to see which size and styles of your new Butter-Soft by UA™ scrubs set you would like.  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.  Thanks again to everyone for your feedback and look out soon for our next exciting contest!

3 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday Featuring Butter-Soft by UA™~ Congrats Winners!

  1. Congrats guys!! Your gonna look great! I’m reallly loving the purple shown above. Our manager chose purple one time, but said we all looked like “Barney” so we don’t do any purples anymore..sad.

  2. There are 31 styles of Alegria shoes on your website.

    My newest favorite is the “Debra” style. I have at least one pair in the other styles but there are times when I feel like I NEED my heel enclose for added support. My feet have spoken and scream “Alegria are the best” for standing and walking in our busy ED. I’m just grateful to have found a shoe that provides me with comfort after searching for nearly 20 years!

  3. not sure if my comment made it through the first time
    7 styles of Alegria are offered on the UA site. There are a total of 31 items in these styles.

    The “Debra” is my favorite especially during a busy shift in the ED. I’m finding as I grow older that I need the enclosed heel for added support around my achilles. I’m thankful to have finally found a company that makes a variety of styles, colors and quality that I love.

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