UA Sponsors: 2012 Head and Neck Nurses Conference

Head and Neck Conference

Head and Neck Conference

We were very excited when we got the opportunity to be asked to be a sponsor for the 2012 Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses Conference hosted by the Birmingham, Alabama Regional Chapter.  This Conference, in its 4th year, was attended by over 140 nurses.  They got to hear 9 speakers cover a wide range of topics within the Head and Neck Nursing field, take part in 8 Continuing Education Units, vie for numerous door prizes (including the grand prize a $100 UA gift card), and (of course!) eat yummy food.

Tabitha, from the Board of Directors said that events like this reaffirm how rewarding nursing is as a profession and stressed how important it is for nurses to feel appreciated and important.  Looks like it was a very successful day, we hope that all attendees enjoyed their 10% off coupons for some new scrubs!  To learn more about the organization, visit their webpage here:

2 Comments on “UA Sponsors: 2012 Head and Neck Nurses Conference

  1. Agreed. I feel companies should do things like this for all positions and all types of work. Many employees ‘give up’ on wanting to work hard and care for their company if they do not feel appreciated for their work.

  2. Nine speakers! Sounds like a great group to learn from! I like attending continuing education class, I always learn . I also love going to these classes with my daughter Savanna who is a RN in surgery and I am LPN in ambulatory surgery. It is another mother/ daughter bonding time, plus we have to have so many hours in continuing education every year. Those attending nurses will enjoy you UA for being there! Have Fun!

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