Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Customer Favorite: Butter-Soft by UA™!

Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA

Why wait for the Easter Bunny to bring you treats next week when you have UA to bring you (equally soft) goodies?  We’re bringing 10 lucky blog followers FREE scrubs from our most popular, soft and comfy collection, Butter-Soft by UA™!

Out of the correct entries, we will RANDOMLY choose 10 winners, who will receive a free scrub top and pant of their choosing from the Butter-Soft Scrubs collection!  To answer, please post a “comment” to this blog post.  The contest ends today, Wednesday 3/28 at midnight EST and we will announce the winners tomorrow 3/29.

Question: TELL US–what is your favorite color, new or old,  AND style scrub top from our Butter-Soft collection?  If there’s a style you’d like to see in the future, share that with us too!        


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you for your participation!!

49 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday ~Featuring Customer Favorite: Butter-Soft by UA™!

  1. It’s hard just to pick one! My favorite Butter- Soft color is either Wine or Tiffany Blue in general, but the Tiffany Blue is so perfect for spring! My favorite style top is style# UA422C, it still has the pockets I need but professional looking, and style# UA47C for pants. They are the most comfortable pants ever! If I find a top I love but can’t find a close match in this style pants, I’ll keep looking!

  2. My favorite color is the purple (berry burst)! My favorite scrub top is definitely the Scallop Neck Scrub Top with Embroidery!

  3. I am loving the mandarin collar top in berry burst!

  4. I just love the Rolled Collar Button Front Top in the the picante color! It’s just HOT HOT HOT!! And the drawstring pants with the elastic back are the most comfortable there is. The picante color is good for just about every season. I just love scrubs that are versatile!!

  5. My fav top style would have to be Style # PC62C, Butter-Soft Women’s Two Pocket Scrub Tops. It’s simple design is extremely comfortable, has the pockets I need, and comes in all my favorite colors. Being tall and always needing more pockets, my fav style pants are Style# UA31CT, the unisex cargo pants. As for my favorite color, well it’s hard to pick just one. However, since I love pink, it would have to be Belle Pink or Geranium. Both go with many of my print tops, or as a uni-color set.

  6. My favorite color from the Butter Soft collection is the Tiffany blue. The top that I like the most is the mock wrap.

  7. Mandarin collar snap front scrub top and front crossover waistband pant!!! Especially love the pants, so comfortable all day long! I love the new berry burst color!!

  8. I like the Mock Wrap top with Side Tie in the Tiffany/coffee bean.

  9. My favorite scrub is the round neck button front in Ivy. I always buy the butter soft scrubs they are so comfortable.

  10. I love the UA Butter Soft Womens scrub tops w/ the scallop neck paired with the UA Butter Soft Womens front crossover waistband pants~so comfy & lots of pockets is a must. I am LOVING the Tiffany Blue~so pretty!! I would like to see more cargo pocket pants & maybe 3/4 sleeve length scrub tops.

  11. I love the Butter-Soft collection! My favorite color would have to be the Berry Burst. Just the right shade of pink/purple. (This was actually the color I had for my bridesmaids 20 years ago.) I love the EMUA194C top. The detailing is subtle but beautiful in the Berry Burst. I also like the pants in PC79C, the jean style in the Grey Stone color. I am in school for ultrasound now. I am almost done The school has us wear Hunter Green head to toe. When I graduate…. I can’t wait to wear some more beautiful colors like these. 🙂

  12. I love the color Wine and berry burst!! I like the top UA422c! Because of the neck line. I like the pants ua32cp! They are really soft and comfortable!!

  13. I love UA and butter soft these scrubs get me through my long days at NYU in manhattan! Thanks for the chance to win ❤

  14. I’d have to say that the Picante color is my favorite! Nice bright color, reminds me of the beach!!! And my favorite style scrub top would have to be the round neck button front top!!! I love the button detail, side slits, and scoop pockets! Although, I do not have this style top in the Butter-Soft… yet! I only just recently became a fan of Butter-Soft when I ordered the pants in the Geranium, I will definitely be adding more to my collection!!!

  15. I Love Love Love the Belle Pink!!!! I have wore other brands of scrubs but I have to say that Butter Soft is truly my favorite!!!!

  16. I LOVE Butter-Soft! All the colors are gorgeous! I NEED a new pair of Scrubs so badly! PICK ME! :))

  17. Well, I used to love all the great prints.. .but can no longer purchase any since our hospital went to mandated colors for each patient care dept. WE chose caribbean blue. I DO love how your tops and pants fit and the fact that they still give us a nice, crisp professional look while being comfortable.
    BUT, I still buy the nice prints for my dtr who is a vet tech major. :0)

  18. I love the Belle Pink~it is such a pretty spring color! My favorite style of pants is the Front Crossover Waistband-I have several colors in this style and they are super comfy and cute! I also love that they are available in talls (which I definitely need!) and that there is so many colors to choose from. The mock wrap top goes great with these pants and is also long enough for tall girls! 🙂

  19. I’ve always found the name “Butter Soft” to be perfectly accurate, even before a bunch of washings! My favorite top is the mock wrap right now…simple but very flattering. Favorite color…? One in the teal family, for sure. The old seagrass and tattleteal are still in rotation…and the current peacock, too.

  20. My favorite top is the scallop neck top with embroidery in berry burst and my favorite pants style is #UA56CT and the color i like is berry burst.

  21. My favorite top is the scallop neck top with embroidery in the color berry burst and the style of pants i like is UA56CT in the color berry burst.

  22. Favorite Color is the Berry Burst! Love the Mandarin Collar Four Pocket Scrub Top! I would love to see more greens to pick from.

  23. I love the new color out called picante!!! Summer looking! My favorite style is pants ua32c and top uas21c! I just bought the pineapple in this style and I wore it yesterday. It fits great due to the tie in the back! my husband said that is a cute scrub, it is different! Love the soft feel and fits great! I would love to win this new picante color! Thanks for this chance!


  25. Sure, call a color “Cougar” and give it to a man, lol. Is this advertising psychology to get more women to buy shrubs?

  26. The set of buttersoft scrubs that I own that are my favorite is the Women’s Inset V-Neck scrub top. It is in the color Paprika with coffee Bean trim. I have the paprika pants to match. It is my absolute favorite, so comfy and sporty looking. I also have the V-neck Tri-color scrub top in Wine. I don’t think they have that anymore, but love it! I especially love Butter Softs Front Crossover waistband pants. They are the best style scrub pants that I own. Love that there is no string to tie, they stay up and fit just right. Love them!

  27. I love the print V-neck tops with pockets in the front. The prints are my favorite because I can match them with various solid color pants and the pockets are handy for keeping supplies in to help me be ready at all times. My favorite pants are the UA crossover pants in petite. The elastic band in the back allows me the freedom to move and not worry that my underwear is hanging out or that my crack is showing (that is NOT classy). The side pocket also allows me to keep my department phone on me at all times. The material is so soft and is wash & wear. I don’t even blink when medicines or what-not are spilled onto my pants because I know it will just wash off so easily. Lastly, the fact that they come in petite makes me feel as if they used me as a model to design these pants. They are the perfect length and I don’t have to plan ahead to get them hemmed when they arrive at my house.

  28. My favorite color is Berry Burst and my favorite style is the Scallop Neck scrub top with embroidery (style #EMUA194C). I love the fabric; it’s so soft and comfortable. And the embroidery makes it extra special and cute!

  29. My favorite color is Grey Stone in Style #PC62C. Even though it’s says it’s women’s, it looks great.

  30. i have to like wine beacuse that is the only color i can wear at work but the ua wine is a nice berry not a reddish wine(if that makes sense). i like the jacket pc86c. i love the button(not snap)front, i love that is does not have knit cuffs & the modern cut, is very trendy & looks polished. koi has a similar jacket that i also have but i like the ua one better 🙂

  31. I absolutely love the Women’s riled collar button front scrub top! And the color picante! Looks amazing ! I love bright fun colors it makes my residents happier!

  32. My fav is the fall colors like coral and tan I love the zipper style cause u can wear something under it they are so soft and comfy I think I live in scrubs more then regular clothes

  33. I love the UA Butter Soft, So cozy. No binding. My favorite color is pineapple. I smell pineapple when I see that color. I work 11-7 so the brighter the better. My LTC residents love to see my new uniforms. My favorite style is UA28C. Simple style, very cute. I love UA47C pants. Great pockets, perfectly positioned, I use them all. Your catalog is my wish book.

  34. working in medical for over 25 years~~never have i found a more comfortable,easy to care for set of whites then the butter soft scrub, why i just purchased another set last week. i have green,pink,blue,white,sand,teal,yellow and a pretty jacket in tangerine!!!
    the colors are perfect for whatever mood you are in…complimenting every color of the rainbow~~~next purchase…hmmmmm-purple and red<3

  35. ….the unisex cargo and the v-neck tops are my absolute favorites!!!

  36. can there ever be too many colors in butter soft-easy care cargo pants and v-neck tops~~~NEVER!!!!

  37. That’s all I ever buy is butter soft. I love my brown scrubs with the ruffle front top. I also love my gray butter soft scrubs and especially the mandarin color and the snap front. Love the lime green piping also. I can’t wait to get some spring color scrubs.

  38. My favorite style top is the mock wrap top (WTS66C) in the color berry burst. These scrub tops are so comfortable and last many many washes.

  39. I love the Snap Front Solid Mandarin Collar shirts, they have awesomely large pockets. I like the Wine color. I really like the Butter soft scrubs because they aren’t stiff and really stand up in the wash, and against grumpy cats and dogs.

  40. I’m really liking the Scallop Neck Scrub Top in White with Embroidery. I think this would be such a fresh, clean look for this summer. I also like when their is a touch of ‘femininity’ to the tops, such as embroidery, ties, or satin. It would make me feel ‘prettier’ in my scrubs!

  41. Yellow scrubs with black lining. It just bring out cheerfulness. Like a ray of sunshine

  42. I like the mock wrap top in berry burst. That color is so pretty and vibrant. Perfect for spring.

  43. The buttersoft activate are my go to scrubs. The UA32c pants are the best fitting pants out there. I have a huge list from the spring catalog….picante, Tiffany, and willow just to name a few.

  44. I love love love all UA butter soft scrubs. I think they are the only way to go ! I am a classic kind of gal so style # pc62c is my favorite tops and style # UA36C is my favorite bottoms ! Pink is my favorite color so iwould go with Belle Pink or Geranium ! Thanks for the chance to win something !!

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