Congratulations to UA Scholarship Recipient, Llarissa N!

Uniform Advantage formed an agreement last year with Miami Dade College to give a scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund to one lucky nursing student each semester. Per the scholarship, we will be giving away $500 to be used towards tuition, books and fees and a $100 Uniform Advantage gift card, which can be used towards nursing scrubs and accessories. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and must be accepted into one of Miami Dade College’s nursing programs.

This past fall’s recipient of the scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund1 is Llarissa N.  Llarissa is currently in her final semester, pursuing a Nursing Degree in the accelerated nursing program at Miami Dade College. When asked what made her want to go into the nursing field, Llarissa said that she has always enjoyed helping others, especially the elderly.  For her it’s also a personal “family tradition” as her mother and aunts are in the field as well. Growing up, she knew she wanted to impact people’s lives in a way where it made a difference and to make people feel better about their lives and themselves.

We asked her if the profession is any way different or more difficult now that she has experienced it, versus when she first decided to enter the program.  She told us that the amount of liability involved has inspired her to be a prudent nurse and to triple check everything, especially in the 11th hour when your shift is about to be over. Her ideal job post-graduation would be in a trauma unit or the ER or possibly a women’s clinic.  When she’s not studying, Llarissa likes to watch documentaries, organize, and garden.  Her favorite brand of nursing uniforms is Cherokee scrubs.

Congratulations again, Llarissa, on winning the scholarship and good luck in your future endeavors!

 1 Miami Dade College awards the scholarship from the Uniform Advantage Nursing Scholarship Fund to one nursing student each semester.  For more information, visit the Financial Aid Department.

One Comment on “Congratulations to UA Scholarship Recipient, Llarissa N!

  1. Congratulations to Llarissa! I loved reading your story! You will make a great nurse! I love what you said why you wanted to be a nurse! You said you enjoy helping others especially the ederly! That with your education, you will be a winner! Very happy for you . keep it up! p.s. You have a nice smile.

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