Stop Tuberculosis “In my Lifetime”

World TB Day

This Saturday is World Tuberculosis Day, with mission of raising awareness for the prevalence of TB in countries worldwide.  The theme this year is Stop TB In my Lifetime, which encourages individuals to do their part to eliminate the disease forever.  Did you know that every year TB kills 1.5 million people in countries worldwide and in 2010 it’s estimated that 9 million people in the world had active TB?

Today marks the 130th anniversary of Dr. Robert Koch’s discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is the cause of the diease.

Want to help? Visit to donate and to make your own poster like this one that you can share with friends and family to show your support for the cause!

World TB Day

One Comment on “Stop Tuberculosis “In my Lifetime”

  1. I didn’t know that TB kills 1.5 million people in countries worldwide! This was good to read ! I am going to print it out and take it to work due to this is 130th anniversary of DR. Robert Koch’s discovery of mycobacterium tuberculosis!

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