Dickies TEN in TEN Giveaway~ Day 7 Winner!

Dickies EDS Giveaway

Here is the winner who was randomly selected from today’s pool of entries:

Jennifer Graham with the comment, “Comfortable, durable fabric, great colors and they stay true and oh did I say comfortable”

To be counted in the drawing you must comment on the original blog post here: https://blog.uniformadvantage.com/2012/03/07/dickies-ten-in-ten-giveaway/

Winners: we will be emailing you to see which size, color, and style of Dickies EDS scrubs set you would like.  Please remember, if you don’t respond to this email within 3 business days, we’re forced to give your prize to the next contestant in line.  Thanks for participating and STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S WINNER!

**Note: Only ONE comment per person will be counted

One Comment on “Dickies TEN in TEN Giveaway~ Day 7 Winner!

  1. Durability! Dickies hold up wash after wash, comfy and still crisp and fresh, not like some other brands, they still look like new! They’re a great value, and flattering to all sizes and shapes!

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