Dickies Ten in Ten Giveaway!

Dickies EDS

Win a set of Dickies EDS scrubs EVERY DAY for the next 10 days!

To enter:

1.     “Like” us on Facebook

2.     “Share” this post with a friend or on your own Facebook wall.

3.     “Comment” on THIS BLOG POST telling us what you love about Dickies Scrubs!

Each day for ten days we will randomly pick a winner from the blog comments section and that person will get a set of Dickies EDS scrubs in the color and style of their choosing from Uniform Advantage  FOR FREE!

The contest goes from today, 3/7 until Friday, 3/16 and we will announce winners daily!


  • Contestants who have won a Uniform Advantage contest within the last 6 months are not eligible to win
  • Prizes are able to be shipped to U.S. addresses only
  • Selected contestants have 3  business days to respond to their “winner’s email” after which point they forfeit their prize to another contestant

Thank you to Dickies for sponsoring this contest and to our customers for their participation!

177 Comments on “Dickies Ten in Ten Giveaway!

  1. Love the way they look & feel! 🙂

  2. I love my dickies scrubs, lots of pockets, comfortable, & long lasting.

  3. I love dickies because they are the only scrubs that fit me right! Love how soft they are, too.

  4. What I love about Dickies scrubs is the high quality of the materials used and also how cute they are!

  5. When working 16 hour shifts there still as comfortable as when u put them on..

  6. I liked the UA page, posted it on my wall and I think my favorite things about the Dickies scrubs is the variety of styles and comfort! Thanks!!!

  7. I love how soft and comfy these scrubs are! The colors are so vibrant and fresh!

  8. What I ❤ LOVE ❤ about Dickies is how comfortable the scrubs are, Dickies has the styles, the fit and colors that I like. When I wear them, I get commented by people saying how they love my scrubs. That makes me happy that people like my scrubs, it is a mood lifter.

  9. I love dickies scrubs. They are my favorite 🙂

  10. It’s a name you can trust, it’s a durable and long lasting!!

  11. It’s a brand you can trust, great color selection, comfy fit. Wonderful product!!

  12. Very comfortable and love the different styles.

  13. I love dickies no ironing and comfortable and excellent quality.

  14. Love the comfort fit and variety of styles.

  15. I appreciate their durabilty without sacrificing comfort and style.

  16. I like their fit and simplicity! Great for work

  17. They’re comfortable and have a good fit

  18. I love the fit and the fabric! Dickies scrubs are stylish and comfortable. Definitely my favorite scrubs.

  19. These scrubs are durable and comfortable!

  20. Great fit and wonderful choices in color and style for my shrinking sized!!! Finally lost enough weight to fit some of the styles that show off my new figure!! Loving It!!!
    Carrie Windham

  21. I love how comfortable Dickies scrubs are!!

  22. I am new to the whole wearing scrubs thing but Ive heard nothing but good about the brand!

  23. Dickies scrubs are long lasting and durable, I still have the first one I bought 10 years ago and still love it!!!

  24. I love Dickies because they stand up to a long day of work, are super comfortable, and actually come in sizes long enough for someone tall like me! I’ve even bought used ones at Goodwill, and they were in perfect shape!

  25. Love how Dickies uniforms fit, very durable and the colors are great.

  26. I love the quality, variety, and perfect fit!!

  27. I love how cute, comfortable and in style they are!!

  28. I love Dickie’s scrubs! They are very fashionable and comfortable! Also very affordable!

  29. I love Dickies scrubs, when pregnant, they always have enough give and are very durable and comfortable.

  30. I love the look and how they feel so comfortable

  31. I love that dickies are well constructed. Trust them as a brand of work wear. Also they last I have sets from dickies I have used for many years. The tops are also longer length than others

  32. I love Dickies scrubs! The most comfortable brand of scrubs by far! Its like wearing PJs to work!

  33. I love that Dickies are tighter around the legs, I have small legs and other brands look like tents on my legs, also they are so soft. I just love them!

  34. I love dickies scrubs cause they have the cutest styles and colores and they always fit me perfectly! What is not to love?!?

  35. I love dickies’ scrubs, because they stay true to fit no matter how many washes they endure, they keep their color, and comfort! Love them.

  36. Dickies’ Scrubs are awesome they retain there true colors wash after wash and are very comfortable. Just love them!

  37. I’ve been wearing scrubs as a vet tech for nearly 20 years now, and literally no matter what brand I try (and there have been many!!), I always end up back in Dickies.
    Two favorite things for me:
    1. I believe Dickies (esp the EDS fabric) holds onto animal hair the least of any other brand- important in the veterinary business. Hairy scrubs are embarrassing with clients…and lintrolling between appointments is so tedious. Not much need with my Dickies.
    2. Dickies pants come out of the dryer wrinkle free every time…every other kind I own always do that wrinkly/bunchy pantlegs thing that I HATE….especially when you are running late in the A.M.!
    Dickies are IT for me~! The cut of the empire waist EDS shirt is my absolute favorite nowadays.

  38. i love Dickies scrubs!!! They are comfortable and fit great! They outlast my 12 hour shifts on a busy cardiac floor. Please hook me up with some new scrubs as my scrub wardrobe needs a spring spruce up!

  39. Love the shrubs! Comfortable, flattering and durable.

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  41. I love all the pocket, colors, and compfort!

  42. I love UA scrubs affordable prices and fast delivery.

  43. I wish all my scrubs were Dickies!!

  44. I love the way Dickies fit. Very comfortable and well made. My favorite!!

  45. Love the way dickies uniforms fit. The xs petite fit perfect n are super comfortable.

  46. I love dickies.. they have super bright colors and they fit me just right

  47. So many styles and colors to chose from! So comfortable to wear for a long day at work. Thank you Dickies~ Thank you Uniform Advantage!

  48. Dickies are great. They hold up to tough days on the job and always come clean. They colors are great too!

  49. I can find petite sizes that fit great. Love the selection dickies has to offer. Dickie scrubs wash and wear well.

  50. I love dickie scrubs,, they are very durable.. had one pair for at least 4 yrs i know.. very comfortable

  51. I bought my first dickie’s scrub top recently.I am very happy with the way it fits and feels.I will replace all my old scrubs with Dickie’s as we are changing to a differant color at work for differant levels of nursing

  52. Comfortable, durable fabric, great colors and they stay true and oh did I say comfortable 🙂

  53. I love everything about your company…I order from you guys all the tme and now bc of that I have recruited everyone I work with into buying from you guys. Being I wear your scrubs everyone is always complimenting me on them whcih makes them buy from ypur company. So I would love to win 10 scrubs in 10 days…that would make MY WEEK

  54. Dickie scrubs are comfortable, crisp, and have a great variety of colors.

  55. Dickies scrubs are stylish and comfortable. They also come in a variety of colors and styles making them great for nearly any body shape or size.

  56. I love Dickies because they are one of very few scrub pants made to fit petite sized girls like me. They come is a wide variety of colors and are very affordable. The quality is great and they last a very long time. I won’t buy any other brand but DICKIES!

  57. I love the type of cloth that you guys use. it’s durable

  58. What’s not to like? Dickies are my favorite brand of scrubs! Durable,comfortable and stylish. Can’t go wrong with that.

  59. Dickies have been a favorite brand from my jeans in high school to my scrubs for work!

  60. I love the way they fit, and they hold up better than any other brand!

  61. . I love Dickies they are so stylish and comfortable. The biggest problem is deciding which colors and styles to get.

  62. Dickies scrubs are soft, comfortable and stylish. Best of all, they’re affordable.

  63. Love this website and love Dickies brand scrubs!

  64. love this website and love the colors and styles of Dickies scrubs!!!

  65. I love Dickies.. they hold up well.. very well made, color stays true! I am wearing mine RIGHT NOW!! : )

  66. Dickies are by far my favorite scrubs to wear. Amazing durability wash after wash. Material is soft & comfortable to wear. Little to no fading. What more can you ask for?

  67. What I love the most about my Dickies scrubs is that the color dosen’t fade like so many other scrub brands I’ve tried. I also love how stain resistant they are, the fact that I can just wash & wear them (no ironing required), & all the fashion forward styles that are available. It makes getting dressed for work much more enjoyable when I can put on scrubs that I can feel good about wearing.

  68. I wear dickies scrubs!!! They’re very practical. I’m had a pair that’s lasted years and it’s great. The fit go pants in excellent. I love them!

  69. Love the way they fit! very comfortable! 🙂

  70. I love how Dickies scrubs are so soft, it makes working long shifts comfortable! The prints and styles are unique and fun too; I get compliments all the time!

  71. Dickies are one of the only brands that fit me well! Plus they are super comfortable! Petite really means petite length1!!!

  72. Dickies are comfortable and stylish because they fit well!

  73. I love the comfort, style, the beautiful colors and the durability of Dickies scrubs.

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  75. I live UA cause they have great scrubs buy Dickies

  76. They are durable and love they way they fit. So many choices to choose from and for a little extra you get a quality product

  77. I love Dickies because they are so soft and comfortable, They are so comfortable I keep them on when I get home. I also love how cute and stylish they are! I love that scrubs don’t have to be plain and boring anymore!! They make scrubs fun to wear and I look forward to getting dressed in the morning!!

  78. I love Dickies scrubs because they are comfortable and fashionable. I can feel comfortable and look fashionable while doing my job!

  79. Dickies scrubs are hard not to love, with the soft wash that makes them feel broken in from the first time you wear them, to the many different styles and colors, there is truly something for everyone. 🙂

  80. Love -loving them! pretty much sums it up! ;]

  81. I have been using Dickies scrubs for years from back when I was in school until now, and they have always been the most reliable scrubs I’ve had. They are super durable, very comfortable, and they never stain or smell. That’s a major plus for me since being a massage therapist involves a lot of movement and the possibility of oil stains/smells. I will always be a loyal wearer 🙂

  82. dickies scrubs have always been my favorite go to when days are long at work, they are comfy, wrinkle free and the variety of colors and prints out number the competition. the shorter mock wrap tops are my favs~~i LOVE all the colors-i choose them according to my mood, weather and seasons. and the prices are great!!!

  83. Dickie’s scrubs are amazing from the first time i wore them and now still they look fresh and hold up great, I still have my first scrub set and the girls in my office always say I look great.

  84. I love Dickies because they are so comfortable and I love the way they fit on me! They’re just my style!

  85. Dickies are great to wear to work. They make me look and feel good!

  86. Love Dickies! Long lasting, tough wearing scrubs!

  87. Love Dickies!! They comfortable, durable, and fit all sizes and shapes!

  88. I love that they come in petite sizes.

  89. I thought I posted already, but I’ll post again nonetheless! I have relied on Dickies since I was in massage school. They are very durable and long lasting. They don’t stain easily or hold scent stains (from oils) either which is a big deal for me since I work with oils and aromatherapy at work. Also comfort is a major deal to me because I like being comfy in my scrubs doing massages. Always will be one of my fav brands 🙂

  90. I just got my first nursing job (YAAAY) and I’ve been trying all different brands of scrubs but haven’t got a dickies set yet. I’ll have to try on my next trip to get scrubs!!

  91. my favorite brand~~the right colors, the right sizes~~just right!!

  92. Dickies scrubs are great. They wash great, they wear great and they feel great…and they are true to size which is SUPER important when ordering items online!!

  93. I love Dickies because they are made out of quality material and they look and feel great!

  94. Great colors and super-durable for working with animals!

  95. I love how Dickies have diverse styles for a diverse population, but all with the same Dickies comfort and durability!

  96. Dickies are my favorite brand of scrubs. I just love the variety of colors and they are very comfortable to wear. My favorite are the tops with the keyhole accent 🙂

  97. Dickies scrubs are very comfortable. They have a good fit and are very durable. You definitely get your money’s worth.

  98. I love Dickies. They have a great fit and are comfortable for long days on the job.

  99. Hi, I like the quality of Dickies scrubs.

  100. I feel like I’ve left comments EVERYWHERE! ! Haha IS THIS THE BLOG!! Im excited about the giveaway. May change my mind about Dickies. I’ve always been so pleased w/Grey’s & UA. We shall see!!!!

  101. Dickies provide fashion and functionality all in one! Great styles and great comfort!!

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  105. They are the best scrubs i have ever worn. SO COMFORTABLE and FIT WONDERFUL! I LOVE DICKIES SCRUBS 🙂

  106. Dickies are the best all the way around- fit, comfort, washing (keep their color). My son first got me into purchasing Dickies as we are both in the health field and together we spread the word as to where to get the Dickies and what great quality they are.

  107. I love that Dickies makes tall pants that are long enough for me. The dropped waist tops are long enough for my torso as well. I only wear Dickies to work.

  108. spring has sprung and all the right colors are here!!! yellow today, pink tomorrow,white,pale blue and the list goes on ans on

    Dickies serves me well my entire week saya EDS!!!

  109. colors and styles match my everyday look and the comfort is amazing~~~~~~~~~

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  111. My wife looks great in dickies grey scrubs she has! the material never gets stained up she says! Keep her looking good! Thanks! p.s her name is Terri LPN

  112. My favorite scrub top is Dickies, I liked it so much that I bought my friend one too! Love the feel of the material, soft, breathable, and quality. I ALWAYS get compliments from the patients when I wear that particular top!

  113. I have been wearing my Dickies scrubs for 11 years, I love them, I wouldn’t be comfortable without them. Thanks for the great product.

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  115. Dickies stretch are my favorite scrubs. They flex with my every movement, are super soft and come in great colors. Dickies flex scrubs look great from start to finish… and we all know that finish can be a long way off.

  116. Excellent Styles, Beautiful Designs,Comfy and Soft to wear. Dickies are One of a Kind. It’s my brand, Hope it’s yours too.

  117. They are fashionable and very comfy :o)

  118. did i say DICKIES ~~DRESS THE PART~~no more guess work…they just WORK!!!

  119. wore my pink dickies in celebration of the coming spring

  120. all the colors of the rainbow rolled into a years worth of comfort a definate pot of gold~~comfort,class,cool

  121. oh what to do with an entire collection of dickies EDS~~~wear them out,perhaps years in the making haven’t worn them out yet and have been wearing the classic brand for 20 yrs~~~~

  122. darling dickies you make my life soooooooooooooooo easy every morning no comparison to others

  123. not wearing dickies don’t know what you’re missing comfort color class~~

  124. where or where would i be qithout my dickies EDS every morning??? searching for something to coordinate~with dickies no competition they MATCH!!!

  125. wearing dickies to run errands after work i feel professional they stay crisp for 14 hours what more besides all the colors of the universe wapped into a fine set of EDS

  126. where are my dickies?? OH!!! i am wearing them~~the more the better ease and comfor are the key!!

  127. where are your EDS scrubs?? better get some fast~~~~you’ll thank me for this post

  128. what would i do with new EDS scrubs wear them for another 20 yrs that’s right they never get old, just better!!!!

  129. i’m wearing my dickies right now soooooooooooooooooo comfy and work hasn’t even started yet~~~~~~~

  130. I love Dickies! They are reasonably priced, totally comfortable, and durable. My favorite pair of pants is my Dickies! The comfort soft waist band makes getting through a 12 hour shift a breeze.

  131. GOTTA LOVE DICKIES! I have been with this brand since I first began working in the medical field-there’s tons I love about them. What I love the most are the different ‘styles’ of scrubs they offer. They keep their designs ‘young & fresh’.. I also love how durable they are! They have withstood many years of washing without fading or shrinking!

  132. I Love Dickies scrubs…even more if I’ve won a free set (=

  133. I love Dickie’s scrubs!! You would be hard pressed to find a more durable and comfortable scrub on the market. Where others lose their color and start falling apart, Dickies hold up to the worst abuse that the medical field can dish out. Love my Dickies!!!

  134. Working in the Emergency Room for 12 hrs can be grueling. Comfort is the key! And, wearing anything from Dickies couldnt get anymore comfortable. Not to mention the colors and prints you offer. I look good, and feel great for 12 hrs while wearing Dickies!!!!!

  135. I love Dickies! They always have a great selection and fit and feel great! The quality of fabric is also amazing.

    Thanks Dickies!! 😉

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  138. I love the look an feel of dickies! 🙂 They have the sizes I need too!

  139. i have ordered from ua in the past with excellent results! new dickies would be awesome!

  140. to all my healthcare friends, check this one out

  141. I absolutely love everything about my dickies! The look, the color, the feel, the price! The comments I get at work!!!! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  142. I just LOVE my Dickies scrubs. I love the way that they fit and also the price!!

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