We Love Our Pets!

Today we celebrate National “Love Your Pet Day”…but come on, isn’t every day?  Even those days when you come home to find toilet paper confetti, your shoe collection “reorganized”, a nice big muddy pawprint on your nursing scrubs, or your flower beds “replanted” our pets are still able to remind us of what’s really important.  So when you get home (or those of you already home for President’s Day) give your pet an extra treat today, or maybe even a spot on the bed!

On that note, I’d like to introduce you to a few of the Pets of UA:

Pets of UA

(From left to right): MaggieLu, Riley (&Sarah), Ulysses, Roxy (&Lori), Max, Gertie, LuLu, Brooke, Darla, Guiness, Negro, Sophie (&Kristen), Cooper Andres, Fifi, Max, Jasper, Pixie, and Nami

One Comment on “We Love Our Pets!

  1. Poly/Cotton
    1. Just add water
    2. Grecian Goddess
    3. Grapevine

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