Win-It-Wednesday featuring Koi Scrubs~ Congrats Winners!

Koi Mardi Gras Print Top

Koi Mardi Gras Print Top

Here’s our sneaky hiding top: Koi Bridgette scrub top in MARDI GRAS print!

Thank you all for your participation in yesterday’s Win-it-Wednesday!  We had over 100 entries and wish that everyone could get a free top, but check back on our Facebook page and blog because there are more contests and promotions around the corner.   Thanks also to Koi scrubs for sponsoring this contest, make sure to browse their other über trendy new Spring uniform styles.

Here are the 5 winners who were randomly drawn from the pool:

  1. Bobbie Rankin
  2. Bridgett Harvey
  3. Katie Torriente
  4. Meridith Eberhardt
  5. Debra Blackburn

We will be emailing the winners to see which size of your new Koi Scrubs Mardi Gras scrub top you would like.  Hope you all had “fun on the hunt”; we look forward to bringing you more contests soon!

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