How are YOU Preventing Cancer this Month?

Cancer Prevention Month

February is a busy month!  Not only is it National Heart Month but it is also National Cancer Prevention Month.  What are the top ways to prevent cancer from the American Institute of Cancer Research?

  • Food: Limit red meat (especially processed meat like ham, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs), and pour on the fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans!
  • Fit: Not everyone’s schedules or budget allow them to hit the gym with a personal trainer every night, that’s ok!  Do your best to get at least 30 minutes in a day (whether it’s jogging, vacuuming/cleaning, or dancing with your kids just try and get your heart rate up-up-up.
  • Figure: Did you know that carrying extra weight increases your odds of developing SIX types of cancers!? So conquer the first two and you will surely see results…then increase the physical activity as needed but remember it can be broken up throughout the day whenever you have time!
  • Fundraise: Check out this limited edition scrub top Uniform Advantage carries from Koi scrubs called Scrubs Promise where all of the proceeds help support breast cancer!Koi Scrubs Promise

Do you have any cancer prevention tips to share this month?

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