Happy (Almost) 2012!

NYE Ball

Whether you prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve with glitz and glamour or by lounging on the couch with a few close friends, there’s one thing everyone has in common—the traditions!  For example, have you ever stopped to think about where New Year’s resolutions came from!?  Below are some fun facts about our common New Year’s rituals:

  • Resolutions: They are said to have been started in 153 B.C. with the mythical Roman King Janus, who with two faces could look back to the past and forward to the future.  Romans started making these promises to make amends with their enemies based on King Janus’s ability to reflect on the past while looking forward.
  • The ball: The New York Times ball has been around since 1904, when people used to use this elevated public “time ball” to synchronize their pocketwatches
  • Global “good luck” traditions:
    • United States: Originating at masquerade balls, people kiss at midnight to symbolize the evil spirits from the old year being purified into the New Year.
    • Spain: Twelve grapes are traditionally eaten at the stroke of midnight to bring good fortune for the year ahead.
    • Norway: Rice pudding is prepared with a whole almond hidden inside, the person who gets the “lucky almond” is said to become wealthy in the New Year.

However you celebrate this weekend, we want to wish our customers and their families a happy and safe New Year!  Share your 2012 resolutions (or favorite traditions!) in our “comments” section below:

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