And The Winner Is….

We want to congratulate Jennifer Mitchell from Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina for winning Uniform Advantage’s first ever contest for an iPad2!


In order to win the iPad2, contestants had to tell us why they deserved to win this fantastic prize this holiday season.  We then created voting pages for each contestant so that they could get the word out to their friends, family, and co-workers to vote for them to win the iPad2.  Yesterday we closed the voting booths and Jennifer Mitchell had the most votes with a grand total of 1,004.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest.  Check our Uniform Advantage blog and Facebook pages regularly for future exciting contests and promotions!  You can read her entry below and we hope you enjoy your new iPad2, Jennifer!

“I deserve to win an iPad2 to aid me as an educator as well as a clinical instructor to implement my teaching philosophy.  My teaching philosophy is education is a tool to assist students to make informed decisions, generate knowledgeable ideas, and develop skills to function highly in their scope of practice.  Information should be provided in a constructive curriculum to foster and motivate students to learn in a permanent long-lasting way. All students should be given an equal learning opportunity to develop skills, critical thinking process, and problem solving proficiencies in a nurturing environment.

As an educator it is important to possess the ability to reach students from varies backgrounds, beliefs and values in a professional manner and promotes an atmosphere of learning diversity.    Education should be a thought provoking experience that encourages students to be active learners. Lastly, teaching should inspire students to discover new pathways and have a desire to seek continual learning and growth opportunities in their area of study.  Having an iPad will let me educate in new creative ways as well as be mobile with my educational techniques.”

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