Win-It-Wednesday Extended!

Since we only received 8 correct entries, we’re extending yesterday’s Win-It-Wednesday until midnight EST tonight, 12/15!  That means there are still 17 $10 Uniform Advantage gift certificates left to win!  So hurry up and find our festive shopping assistant Ursula (hint: she loves our prints and sale sections!) Winners will be announced tomorrow, 12/16.

Here is a refresher from yesterday’s post about the specifics:

Our helpful shopping assistant Ursula has returned (and she is in the holiday spirit!).  She will be hiding somewhere on the Uniform Advantage website today, it’s your job to track her down.

So, browse away on the UA website and keep your eyes peeled for Ursula’s cheery face.  When you find her, post a “comment” to our blog below telling us where you found her.  (Please don’t post on Facebook because then it will give it away!)   The first 25 people to respond with the correct answer will receive a $10 gift card to Uniform Advantage.  

Since it’s been awhile…we’d like to reintroduce you to Ursula:

Holiday Ursula

Here’s an example of her “hiding”:

Ursula Hiding

Happy holiday hunting!

26 Comments on “Win-It-Wednesday Extended!

  1. I found her in the $9.99 OR LESS! PRINT SCRUBS on the right hand side of the topic border.

  2. She is in the $9.99 or less prints sales scrub page.

  3. Are you going to notify the 8 correct entries, and let them know they were correct, or just make one big announcement when it’s done? Sorry I’m new to this!

  4. I found Ursula at the top right side of the “$9.99 or less print scrubs” page!

  5. I saw Ursula on the sale $9.99 or Less Print Scrubs page this morning.

  6. She was on the top right corner of the 9.99 or less ! Print scrubs

  7. Found her!!! 🙂 Under $9.99 OR LESS! PRINT SCRUBS, Hope I made it in time! 🙂

  8. She is on the top right corner of the 9.99 orlesd! Prints scrubs page

  9. Ursula is on page one of $9.99 or less !! Print Scrubs

  10. Okay so you go to, than on the home row look where it says “sale” click on sale and you will see a column of different brands and prices of scrubs. Go to the $9.99 and less print scrubs, once the page uploads look in the upper right hand cornor and you’ll see Ursula’s cheery face 😉 good luck

  11. I found Ursula in the 9.99 or less print scrubs section!

  12. Ursula is on the $9.99 or Less! Print Scrubs! She was hard to find but I did! 🙂

  13. Ursula is hiding on the right hand side of the $9.99 or less! print scubs page

  14. Clicked on prints then clicked on the save big icon on bottom right of screen. She was in upper right corner!! 🙂

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