Congratulations Win-It-Wednesday “Find Holiday Ursula” Winners!

Holiday Ursula's Whereabouts

We’ve reached our 25 winners, so the contest is now closed.  Sneaky Ursula was spreading holiday cheer in the $9.99 Or Less Print Scrubs section!  We hope that you all enjoy this department of stylish and affordable scrubs as much as Ursula.

Congratulations to the winners of our Win-It Wednesday “Find Holiday Ursula” contest!   The first 25 are listed below, and we will be sending you an email  with your $10 Uniform Advantage e-card to the email that you included in the blog reply.  For those of you who didn’t make the top 25, check your email as we will be sending you a special treat too.

Thank you to all of our participants, keep an eye out for our upcoming promotions!

Win-It-Wednesday “Find Holiday Ursula” Contest Winners:

  1. Brianna Holmgren
  2. Courtney Hare
  3. Jamie Hopwood
  4. Andrea Loewy
  5. James
  6. Danielle Youngdell
  7. Marjie Kleve
  8. Tanya Muller
  9. Jill Ayers
  10. Casey Whitehead
  11. Penny Romine
  12. Michelle Dope
  13. Jennifer Brandenburg
  14. Erika Jackson
  15. Marcy McBride
  16. Donna Pecenak
  17. Jackelyn Hamilton
  18. Lindsay Samples
  19. Nancy Flagg
  20. Scott McBride
  21. Meridith Eberhardt
  22. Kathy Fincher
  23. Sharon Langevin
  24. Hannah Thomason
  25. Chelsea Otis

One Comment on “Congratulations Win-It-Wednesday “Find Holiday Ursula” Winners!

  1. Very excited! I love the Butter-Soft line. I only wish I could wear them to my day job (construction), but they are perfect for Massage Therapy and Anatomy classes.

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