We Are Thankful For…..YOU!

This Thanksgiving, we want to show you how THANKFUL we are for your participation in our “Like” us Black Friday promotion.  Even though we didn’t reach our goal of 20,000 Facebook “Likes”, every one of our Facebook fans will receive 20% off of their total purchase from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!  If you have friends, family, or co-workers who haven’t “Liked” us yet, there’s still time! Hurry, offer ends 11/28/11 at midnight EST!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their loved ones, and happy shopping!

Black Friday Savings

5 Comments on “We Are Thankful For…..YOU!

  1. Always strong and fits nice as i work wiyh kids who like to pull on the neck line!!

  2. I need coupon code for facebook! I liked the status yet can’t get the code!

  3. I don’t know how to use this websites blog but I have a suggestion that could fit under a few different topics. My wife is one on many women I know who follow avidly certain sports teams. There not a huge selections on the market and the one’s that are there are lack luster to say the least. My wife particularly LOVES the New York Yankees. Other’s I know follow various college teams and some other’s into pro sports. I am not promising you a huge market for this but there is a market. So far most of us are at the mercy of what ever Wal-Mart decides to provide and I for one would not want to dress my dog in most of them. Perhaps even if you threw it into your seasonal catalog as different sport season’s come up, maybe it would be less of a risk for the company rather than try to offer it year round. Maybe a custom order basis paid for before the company begins to process the order therefore there no risk. Anyway this is about the only way I can see making this already great service just a little better. Don’t shoot the idea guy if team licensing is through the roof on cost. Maybe a way around that not real sure.

  4. Hi Jason,
    We don’t carry the full MLB lines on our website or in our catalog, but we can special order them from Cherokee if your wife is interested. Let us know we’d be happy to help fuel her team spirit!

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