Just for fun…It’s National Pizza Month!

Not sure if I’m bringing up a frequently recognized jingle or not, but does anyone remember the Bagel-Bites commercial theme song? Goes something like…. “Pizza in the morning. Pizza in the evening. Pizza at supertime….”. Well, whether you recall the jingle or not it’s irrelevant but the words in the jingle? So fitting because this month is National Pizza Month. Pizza is always delish, morning, evening or night. Cold or hot. Plain or loaded. And one of the best parts about having pizza is you can make it taste like almost anything!

Ever heard of Cici’s pizza? I’ve been there a handful of times just to try their Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, Taco Pizza and Dessert Pizza—not the best quality but definitely gets 5 stars for “interesting.” How about California Pizza Kitchen? Now that’s a step up and they have some delicious varieties that literally take up their entire menu.  While going to a restaurant or getting delivery is nice, the great thing about pizza is you can merely make your own pizza at home (which I have done many times…pesto and chicken is a favorite)!

I asked a few people around UA if they had a quirky/unique pizza they enjoyed eating, and through their answers I’ve realize there is a whole slew of variations I still need to try including:

–          Meatball pizza

–          Mashed potato pizza (mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon)

–          Buffalo chicken pizza

–          Philly cheese steak pizza

But the pizza creativity doesn’t stop with the flavors. You can be creative with the way pizza looks! And at this point in the post is the perfect opporunity to give you a personal UA anecdote.  In early 2010, one of the guys in our office asked his now wife for her hand in marriage. The way he asked her just made our hearts warm and faces smile: he ordered pizza and had the restaurant write “Will You Marry Me” with toppings. So as a way to congratulate and celebrate his happy engagement, we held a pizza party at UA. To take it one step further, we wrote CONGRATS with pepperoni on the pizzas! Such a hit.

The famous question:

Our Congrats Pizzas! Hard to see, but I hope you get the picture…

Do you have any creative pizza stories? Any funky, favorite pizza combinations? Let us know. We’d love to try them!

~ Hannah

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