Shoesday ~ Dawgs Ultra Tracker

I know it has been awhile but we finally have another Shoesday post for you all! This Shoesday, we are featuring the Dawgs Ultra Tracker Women’s Work Shoes—or as Dawgs likes to call it “A Foot’s Best Friend” (and we couldn’t agree more!).

All of Dawgs footwear is designed with extreme comfort and style in mind.  Quite frankly, these two characteristics always seem hard to come by (especially if you wear heels like me and can never find a great pair of heels with the comfort of a walking shoe…one can only dream) but Dawgs makes it happen. Don’t believe us? Check the 5 star rating given to the Ultra Tracker shoe on our site! The combination of comfort and style is brought to fruition through these many stand-out features of Dawgs footwear:

–          High quality UltraSoft EVA material gives comfort to each shoe by incorporating sculpted foot-beds, comfort heel cushions and supportive heal cups

–          Durable, slip-resistant rubber outsoles protect and stabilize the foot

–          Massaging foot beds aid in circulation

–          Wide heel constructions helps stabilize the foot during motion

–          Comfortable straps and uppers provide foot stability

–          Thick, cushioned heels absorb “heel strike” and protect your joints

–          Thick, cushioned soles reduce shock and impact as you move throughout the day

–          Integrated arch support to help prevent metatarsal arch injuries

The Ultra Tracker has additional benefits including non-marking soles, adjustable Velcro straps to help conform to most foot widths, compatibility with Orthotics, and antimicrobial insoles to prevent bacterial foot infections.  As for aesthetic appeal, this classic shoe is both professional and stylish.  To me it kind of has that athletic/Puma slash Lacoste/fashion-sneaker look that even goes with a casual outfit (and scrubs of course)!

Dawgs Ultra Tracker

Try a Dawgs Ulta Tracker shoe today and see why they’re called “A Foot’s Best Friend”!

~ Hannah

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