Tips for a Non-toxic and Chemical-free Lifestyle + 20% off at!

BPA, PFCs, PVCs, PFOA, PFOS, EA…what do all these mean?  Thanks to a non-toxic and chemical free company known as Essential Safe Products (ESP), the answers are right at your fingertips! Through their website, ESP focuses on spreading awareness about hazardous chemicals found in many of our everyday kitchen and on-the-go products as well as giving prevention tips & tricks and, most importantly, selling products that are non-toxic and food safe!   Some products they offer include stainless steel cookware, glass bakeware, glass water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, and plenty, plenty more!  Here is one of our favorite products…a BPA Free Glass water bottle!  Super cute and non-toxic to boot!

Glass Water Bottle

Studies have shown that exposure to many hazardous chemicals may lead to a long list of negative health outcomes (including Breast Cancer!).  Given this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we at UA and want to promote Breast Cancer Prevention in conjunction with awareness!  So is giving UA fans a 20% off coupon code to products on their site.  From now until the end of October (10/31/2011), you can get 20% off non-toxic, chemical free and food safe products from!  Just enter the promotional code NONTOXIC at checkout to redeem this special offer to UA customers!

BPA Free Products

More About ESP… is a one-stop-shop for people interested in leading a non-toxic lifestyle in the kitchen and on-the-go.  Their motto “Live ESP. Learn ESP. Love ESP.” consists of three main concepts that provide a framework for the site:

  • Live ESP: The “Shop” section of the site is a place for consumers of all ages to purchase food safe and non-toxic kitchenware and on-the-go products. ESP has cookware, bakeware, tableware, food storage, cook’s tools, kitchen accessories, and on-the-go products to help others at any step in their lifestyle changes.
  • Learn ESP: The “Learn” section of the site is filled with information on harmful chemicals, industry updates, tips and tricks and more valuable information for readers and shoppers as they learn about and make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Love ESP: The A Cup of ESP blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are a great place to stay connected with ESP and share with others the love for a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle.

We hope you all like this site and that it proves to be as informative as we found it!  And help us spread the word about living a non-toxic and healthy lifestyle by sharing ESP with our friends and family 🙂

Live, Learn, Love

~ UA

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