And Tomorrow…Fall Begins!

I grew up in South Florida my whole life so it wasn’t until I went off to college in North Carolina that I grew an appreciation for Fall!  Down here leaves stay the same color and the weather stays relatively constant—although less humid, phew!  But almost everywhere else in the country, people get to witness one of my favorite things about Fall—the changing of leaves.  I remember the first time I saw fall leaves up close and personal in college.  I was so excited that I grabbed a bunch off the ground, stuck them in an envelope and mailed them to my family back in South Florida.  Whether they were going to remain bright yellow and red by the time they reached Florida I’m wasn’t quite sure, but it didn’t take away from my excitement!

In addition to leaves, Fall brings out the light coats and jackets we’ve been storing in our closets all summer long.  At UA, we are pulling out our Fall jackets and bringing them to you! For those slight cool days and chillier nights, check out our selection of printed Fall scrub jackets. We have all the right colors and festive prints to help welcome Fall this year.

We love this Wild Black Print Scrub Jacket that marries a black and white contrast with beautiful fall-toned Berry Hot flowers.


Hope you have a great First Day of Fall tomorrow!

~ Hannah

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