One Week till Labor Day!

For many, when someone mentions Labor Day the first thing that comes to mind is getting a day off of work (whether or not you have the luxury!). But the reality behind Labor Day is not the celebration of a 4 day work week or the indulgence of grilled shish kabobs with chicken, pineapple, onion and red peppers (mmmm, it’s almost lunch time here so this sounds really good) at your neighbors barbeque. It’s a day for us to pay tribute to American working men and women across the country. So whether or not you are going into work on Monday, we all have every reason to celebrate our hard work! In particular, to everyone working in the medical field, thank you for working hard to help people every day!

Because Labor Day is an American Holiday, why not show your American spirit? Those 4th of July and Memorial Day prints can definitely be used again this coming Monday. But if you missed the boat earlier this summer, we still have some American pride prints available. Plus red, white and blue solids scrubs!







Happy week before Labor Day!

Whistling while we work,


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