There’s something about Mary…

Mary Engelbreit’s love for art and design began when she was just 11 years old.  Living in St. Louis, Missouri at the time, Mary used to sit in the linen closet of her home drawing for hours on end dreaming of becoming an artist. When she was younger, Mary was often discouraged about becoming an artist, but she never let that get her down saying “I believed in myself and now I’m living my dream.”  Good thing she did because she has inspired and will continue to inspire others with her beautiful designs.

To many of us, Mary Engelbreit is synonymous with friendly, playful and inviting illustrations decorating everything from calendars to children’s books and greeting cards to gifts and home accessories. As of late, she has taken her design style of “spirited wit and nostalgic warmth” and made a {delicate} footprint in the medical scrubs industry. There’s just something about Mary we all love, so we had to bring her designs into the UA family of brands! This fall, we have introduced the new line of Mary Engelbreit Scrubs hoping to enchant medical professionals and their patients from all over with her positive and effervescent style.

Mary Engelbreit Scrubs

Whether or not you’ve heard of Mary Engelbreit, love her designs, or never realized those cute greeting cards you flip through at Hallmark were Mary’s, we are all in for a real treat. From removable flower appliqués to print linings, Mary’s artistry adds the perfect touch to scrubs.  Check out our new Mary Engelbreit collection available online now!

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