Fall 2011 Now Available Online!

WHEW! These past 7 days have felt like forever and we are so excited to finally announce our Fall 2011 Collection!

I know many of you are still in Summer mode, but here at UA we are dreaming about pumpkin pie and fall foliage. Our team worked hard this season to bring you the best fall collection around.

We are introducing a new exciting brand, Wink Scrubs, along with new and exciting styles  from the brands you love including: Koi Scrubs, Cherokee Scrubs, Landau, UA Scrubs, Healing Hands, and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few.

So because we want to make this super official, here it is:

The Fall 2011 Countdown is officially over and our New Line of Fall 2011 Scrubs is NOW AVAILABLE online!

Whew again! That felt great…

~ Hannah

One Comment on “Fall 2011 Now Available Online!

  1. I love the fall line, but unfortunately my unit colors are red and grey. There are so many cute tops that are pink/grey, pink/black, red/black, but difficult to find much for red/grey. I do not like to wear solids all the time and am always searching for options. Could someone at UA attempt to find some patterns with predominantly red/grey, with some white and/or black being ok as well. I am sure more fellow co-workers would purchase as well if there were a few more options. Thanks.

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