Summer lovin…

And having a blast…

Who doesn’t love summer right? Summer brings back memories (including watching the movie Grease over and over again and singing at the top of my lungs like I was in my own Broadway production) from when I actually had a 3-month long summer vacation where I could spend time outside with friends and family. But now that I’m all grown up? I can still have a blast! Days off are for re-living those summer memories we are so fond of and basking in our favorite things for summer.

So like our usual take on interactive questions, I asked around our office to find out what kind of memories people have of summer and what they enjoy most about summer…here are some of our thoughts!

–          Swimming in the pool (refreshing)

–          Sun-tan lotion (smells just like summer!)

–          Going on vacations to the beach (sand castles…could you ever get your mote to protect them!?)

–          Slip and slide (such a great one)

–          Riding my bike (handlebars and basket in the front? yes!)

–          Getting ready for the dreaded bikini (but making sure we look darn good in it!)

–          Cold drinks (soda pop or a simple glass of ice cold water will do the job)

–          Ice cream (quick, before it melts!)

–          Trips to Disney World! (such a classic…M-I-C-K-E-Y)

And, from the UA company take,  Summer 2011 scrub sales!

What do you love about summer?

~ Hannah

2 Comments on “Summer lovin…

  1. Would love to see some of the newer styles in more solid colors. Love the style of UA50DSW but am required to wear solid Galaxy Blue. Allowed a solid trim in another color.

  2. Good morning, Lisa! Glad you love our styles! We actually just started offering our new Fall 2011 Collection where we have a whole new selection of colors, prints and styles. We hope you can find some great combinations!

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