It’s Pink Day!

While there is no historical reference out there as to why June 23rd is recognized as National Pink Day or where it came from, I do know that I love the color pink and any excuse to wear pink (like a National Day) is fine by me! So today, let out the fun, girlie side of you by sporting the color pink to work.  I know I will be.

At UA, we are also loving all things pink! Like…these pink scrubs 🙂

Cherokee Tooniforms Marie in Paris Print Scrub Top (Style# CK654ACM)


New Balance Scrubs Aerial Azalea On Call Top (Style# NB116AEA)


But we love more than just pink scrubs.  Here are a list of some pink things we can’t live without!

–          Pink peonies. Can someone say weddings!?

–          Breast Cancer Ribbons. Pink for a good cause.

–          Elvis’ pink Cadillac he gave his mom. Can I have one?

–          Pink Lemonade. I’d like to see more pink lemonade at the neighborhood lemonade stands. Just a thought…

–          Pink diamonds. They exist. Just ask J Lo.

–          A pink steak. Cooked medium, please.

–          Cotton Candy. Pink tastes the best…there’s blue too, and purple, and yellow. Yumm.

–          Pink. The name. The singer.

–          Bubble gum. Bazzooooookaaaaaa! But I suggest using sparingly…may cause molar soreness due to constant chewing.

–          Nail polish. I may or may not have hot pink on my toes right now!

Leave us a note and tell us what kind of pink things you love!

Tickled Pink,


One Comment on “It’s Pink Day!

  1. I can not find the pink aristocats “marie in paris” top ANYWHERE! anyone know where i can find it?

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