Win-it Wednesday ~ Power of a Smile Day!

Today, June 15th, is Power of a Smile Day!  There are millions of ways to bring a smile to someone’s face, and at UA, we are making you smile with a Win-It Wednesday contest.  Terms of the contest are easy…just leave a comment below and share with us what brings a smile to your face!  And if one of our fabulous scrubs does the trick, we’d like to hear about it!

Tomorrow, at 9 am EST we will randomly select a winner to receive at $25 e-gift card redeemable at Uniform Advantage.

So tell us, what makes you smile? 🙂

9 Comments on “Win-it Wednesday ~ Power of a Smile Day!

  1. I grin every time I wear your scrubs to work & get a ton of compliments & people asking “Where did you get your scrubs??”…& I show em that little UA tag on my hiny! =-)

  2. I smile every time I get a package in the mail. I absolutely love the Cherokee flexible scrubs!!!

  3. I have a two year old grandaughter who makes me smile. I’ve been teaching her to say her prayers at bedtime amd one weekend when she came to stay the night with me I got her ready for bed and when I turned around she was already saying her prayers. That mad me smile. This little girl has been a joy to me and always makes me smile, but this was one of the most memorable smile moments.


  5. It makes me smile when dinner is made by someone else other than me. It also makes me smile when I get compliments on my UA scrubs that I buy! Getting presents, coupons, and free things also make me smile! 🙂 🙂

  6. Waking up makes me smile…also when I get to sit on the beach and read a wonderful book with my puppy sitting right beside me…pure bliss…also when I am at work and one of my patients makes me feel so good that I know being a nurse is what I am supposed to do in life…

  7. Making my Patient’s WELL makes me smile!! Especially when they come back to see me in the PICU just to say “THANK YOU for all you do!” That’s enough to make anyone SMILE! ;0)

  8. What makes me smile is that your lovely empire waist scrubs (buttery soft) actually are flattering to my figure! Nobody asks me when I am due in them! : )

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