It’s Shoesday! Featuring Alegria Style DON600

When it comes to retail therapy or just shopping for the sake of shopping, we all have a weakness.  I’m sorry, I may need to correct that (especially for my circumstances)…we have several weaknesses.  One, in particular, is a shoe fetish.  If you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t have an addiction to getting new shoes and doesn’t have the problem of needing a bigger closet to help accommodate your growing collection—lucky you!  But for the rest of us, the shoe fetish simply just can’t go away.  That’s where this series of blog posts come in to play.  It’s not Tuesday, it’s Shoesday, and we are here to help you pick out a great pair of shoes for work.

In the medical field, a comfortable pair of shoes is a necessity, but when you find a pair of work shoes that are not only comfortable but also look good, it’s like finding gold at the end of the rainbow—JACKPOT!  So when thinking of a brand of shoes that beautifully combines comfort and fashion, we instantly thought of Alegria shoes.

I thought I’d make it simple and clear as to why we love Alegria shoes by listing a handful (a big handful) benefits this brand offers:

–          They are comfortable, fashionable, affordable and durable.

–          Each shoe is hand sewn and made with genuine premium leather and suede.

–          The construction of every shoe uses their patented “Perfect Fit System” that gives women a custom fit for each foot every time a step is taken.

–          Insoles are removable and made with memory foam, cork and latex…part of the Perfect Fit System.

–          A mild rocker shape on the bottom of Alegria shoes help roll you forward as you walk—making each step easier and more comfortable than walking in other shoes.

–          Superior arch support gives you all-day comfort.

–          The overall construction of Alegria shoes helps reduce stress and pressure on your muscles and joints throughout the day.

With so many designs and colors available, we know you’ll find the right looking Alegria shoe for you.  And since you know every shoe is made to ensure your every day comfort, the decisions really come down to backless or straps, print or solid, white or color!  Yeah, I think I made that sound easier than it is…so many great options!

Today, we are featuring the Alegria Donna White Nursing Clog for Women (Style DON600).

Alegria Nursing Shoe DON600

Happy Shoesday!


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