Congratulations to Darlene Cobb! One down Six more Prizes to go…

Darlene is our first recipient of a $25 E-Gift Card from Uniform Advantage! Don’t worry you still have time to win. Each day from now until May 13th we will be randomly selecting one lucky winner. So if you haven’t already please visit our “Why do you Love Nursing?”  Blog post to enter.

Thank you all for you comments. They are truly inspiring!

Darlene Cobb

“Why I love nursing- If you save one life or just make a difference to someone to help make their life better it’s worth it all. Home Health has given me time with those who sometimes never see anyone else.”

In case you are wondering…each comment is assigned a number. To select a winner a number is picked out of a hat.

Have a great weekend!

3 Comments on “Congratulations to Darlene Cobb! One down Six more Prizes to go…

  1. Love nursing is equal love humanity. The people needs, anxiety cause by and illness conditionn and other things that afect human being it’s part of nurses live. Give time and compression to that people who needs us it’s part of our live. I tray people like i want to be treated’

  2. I love being a CMA . I help the disable,the elderly,and the mentley d
    isturbed. I work in residental care facilty. I like helping and caring for
    persons with conditions that affect human part of nursing. Giving alot
    of tender loving care to special needs persons. Who needs us more than
    regular persons.

  3. I love nursing because I treat all my patients like they are family. I know nobody wants to be sick, but when you give patient’s the best care ever, it makes their illness seem just a little bit easier to accept.

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