Nurses Week Contest: A Prize a Day from UA!

Yes, we know it’s Friday and we usually have Win-It Wednesdays on Wednesdays, but this time around we have something even better to offer you.  We are going to have a Win-It Week to celebrate Nurses Week 2011!  So, starting today, May 6th, and EVERY DAY through Thursday, May 12th, we will be giving away one $25 Gift Card for Uniform Advantage.  Here’s the scoop:

How to enter:  Leave us a comment below and tell us why you LOVE being a nurse!

Who’s eligible: EVERYONE!  Even if you leave your comment below today and don’t win, you are still eligible to win on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  So enter sooner rather than later for a better chance at winning a $25 gift card!

The winners: One winner will be chosen each day to win the UA gift card.  A winner will be announced every day starting Saturday May 7th through Friday May 13th.  Please remember comments must be entered by May 12th to be eligible!!

Let’s get to it…

Why do you love nursing?


68 Comments on “Nurses Week Contest: A Prize a Day from UA!

  1. I love being a nurse because I love helping those not only battle the illness they are fighting but also helping them find happiness in each day.

  2. I love working in the medical field because i get to help people with many forms of sickness. Its always rewarding to see someone get to leave the hospital better than when they came in.

  3. I LOVE being a nurse because I get to help all the little children who are hurt or sick. There is nothing better than bringing relief and happiness to a sick or injured child.

  4. I love being a nurse because I get an awesome feeling when I can help someone feel better. I look forward to seeing patients come in and spending the time listening to them, making them understand I care.

  5. What is not to love about being a nurse! We are so many professions rolled into one! I love being a nurse because I am able to listen, teach, heal, share, care, help and learn all in one shift! Plus no suits and heels – we can wear cute, stylish and comfortable scrubs and shoes!!

  6. I love being a nurse because I get to assist the elderly. I treat them as though they are my own family members. We have great times of sitting and chatting and we go through the hard times of loss. We sit together and chat at supper, tell stories of our past. It is amazing the things that you can learn. Hearing about WW2 from their perspective as they lived through it. Being their for the residents family members and giving hugs when needed. It is like a large extended family. There is not a more rewarding career than nursing! I come home knowing that I was able to help someone and maybe make there day a little better!

  7. I love nursing because i can use ever single bit of myself. my brain my heart my soul and my tired old body. How many people can have the same job for 30 years and still love it, still get a little bit excited when you go into work and as exhausted as you might be, still feel a sense of accomplishment when the shift is done.

  8. I love nursing because it let’s me feel good about myself each day and because I know I am helping someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent or a great friend. The look on my patients faces when I help them feel better is the best smile you could see, so precious.

  9. I love being a nurse because it is not only our knowledge and skills we use to bring treatment to our patients that heals them; it is the use of ourselves- our bodies and hearts- that really conveys the caring and compassion a nurse possesses. At the end of the day, when we’ve sacrificed our time with our own families to take care of another family, we have in a sense gained an extended family. Knowing that someone’s life has been saved because of care I helped to provide, or that another patient has died in comfort because of that same care, makes me whole myself. It truly is a profession I will never be dissatisfied with, even in the bad times.

  10. i love nursing because of the infinite variety of challenge, infinite opportunity to use education,skill, and compassion and the infinite ways a patient can teach me how to be better caregiver. nothing beats that little smile a patient has when they make peace with a diagnosis, reach a goal, or when they discover a strength with in they never knew they had. being a partner in that journey, bearing witness to those intimate moments of victory and miracles reminds me there is hope for us all.

  11. I LOVE nursing because I work with cancer patients who want to live. I hold their hands during treatments while they battle this horrible disease and they hold my heart. People often go through life wondering if they have ever made a difference in someonen’s life…a nurse never wonders.

  12. I love being a nurse for so many reasons. There is never a day that goes by that I do not touch someone’s life, nor that I am not touched by someone. I work in the ICU at a VA hospital. It is such an honor and privilege to take care of those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. God bless the USA!

  13. I love being a nurse because I know that my work makes a positive difference in peoples lives on a daily basis. My work is challenging both physically and emotionally. I not only give of myself but I receive from my patients as well.

  14. I love nursing for several reasons.
    1) I enjoy having a job that I can feel good about.
    2) I appreciate knowing that I am helping people out and I am making a huge difference in their day and overall in their life.

    Nursing is a good profession to be in and that is why I chose it, but I really enjoy the work too. 🙂

  15. I love being a nurse because of my ability touch peoples lives on a daily basis. Seeing patients come in suffering, treating them with compassion and dignity and eventually being able to see them transition back to good health is something that only the nursing profession gets to experience. Seeing and hearing the responses from patients on how much you’ve touched their lives would make anyone love their job. The trust that we as nurses are given to help promote optimal paitent outcomes is an incredible accomplishment. Props to all of us nurses!

  16. Why I love nursing- If you save one life or just make a difference to someone to help make their life better it’s worth it all. Home Health has given me time with those who sometimes never see anyone else.

  17. Give in order to receive ~ I give to my patients each and every day and in return I receive so much, most of which is felt and not seen.
    It’s the recognition by your patient in regards to their health.
    It’s the relief on our patients faces when we’ve accomplished a goal in their care.
    It’s the genuine gratitude that is given by my patients and that fills my life with purpose and direction and for that I LOVE BEING A NURSE!!!

  18. I love working with those who are in need.One day we ourselves will need someone to help and care for us,so i see it as returning the favor.It takes a special,caring,patient,non judgemental person to do our job.I find it very rewarding and it makes me feel better about myself.Anybody in the nursing field is truly a giving and wonderful person!

  19. I love nursing cause it is to be near God. Help people in a process of sick is so afordable I think we the nurses aré the God helpets in the Earth.

  20. I’m new to this field after working 28 years at another job I can’t believe I waited so long for my dream job! I work in a male prison you can’t work with a more gratefull group. We are not there to judge them and they are mostly happy to have someone care for them. I love nursing.

  21. I love helping people get back on the job. I love my job, I’m so lucky to have the best job in the world!

  22. I love being a nurse because it keeps my heart full and gives my life purpose. It is a great feeling knowing that you touched someone’s life just because you gave them some TLC when they needed it. It’s a job where you use your brain and your heart. You might not always get a “thank you” but, it’s thanks enough seeing your patient’s health improve due to your care.

  23. I enjoy being a pediatric nurse. Going to work and getting satisfaction from the little people that make my day, and my job worth while. I feel so lucky to be a part of the health world.

  24. I love being a nurse, because as I help others feel better, it makes me better as a person.

  25. I love nursing because it gives you the chance to care about someone else besides myself. It’s a great feeling knowing that I care and help someone else!

  26. I am graduating from a PN program on May 13 and Love being a nurse because it’s what Jesus called me to do and the rewards of helping others especially children!

  27. I love working in a retirement facility as it makes me feel like I make a diference in lives every day as you never know how many chances you will have to do so. They and their family are like my extended family.I have been a nurse for 40+years. It is what I always wanted to be. The residents brighten my life with their wisdom and reflections on the past as I do theirs with pictures of my grandchild and our adventures. It is good to see them smile for a little while! They know they are loved and that is the greatest gift of all. Lea MorganLPN
    Topeka, Ks

  28. I love being a medical assistant, because patients have trust in me, it makes my day when they ask specifically for me. Patients feel as if i will do the job right and proffesionally just for them. I love being a medical assistant because i feel i make a difference!

  29. I love being a nurse because I am able to bring a little bit of sunshine and care to people when they need someone the most.

  30. I love being a nurse because I love hearing the stories that everyone has to tell. Working with the eldery is most rewarding! I have learned alot from the people and the wisdom they share, hearing about their families and lives, where they came from. Got to love it!!

  31. Why do i love being a nurse? Many things brought me to become a nurse. The main reason why i love it so much, is just looking at every person and listening to their stories/experiences and most of all meeting and having a great bond with each and everyone of them. My mother passed away of cancer when i was 14 and it made me realize how much care and love people need, Nursing is a gift from god and helping other just makes your day much better. Each and everyday i learn something new and having people ask for your help or telling you that your great just makes you feel great. This is why i LOVE being a nurse

  32. I have been a Critical Care nurse for 31 years and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have been part of many changes in the profession through those years, yet some things never change and that is GOOD. Yes, there are heroic moments , but for me the best feelings for me and the best for the families and patients I share time with are the simpler things. Holding a hand, being silent and listening. Eye to eye contact with reassurance that I can be trusted and will give my 100% to deliver them the best care with respect I will reduce their physical and emotional pain. Having family on ” the other side of the bed” has taught me even more. I leave at the end of the day knowing I committed myself to making even a moment in time better for someone else. Nursing allows me to do that , every day. There is no greater opportunity in life.

  33. When my husband developed End Stage Renal Failure, I went back to school at the ripe old age of 56 to become a dialysis nurse. I administer his treatments daily at home, and love every minute. To see the look of trust and confidence in his eyes makes it all worthwhile. You are NEVER too old to learn how to help save a person’s life………..

  34. I have been a nurse for 29 years. I love helping and caring for people and their families. A patient once gave me a Thank you card, in it he wrote.
    Thank you for caring for me with our heart, not just your hands.
    I am proud to be a nurse, and I celebrate with all nurses this week, the joy of being a nurse.

  35. I love being a nurse because it is trully a rewarding job. Seeing the strength that these young children have and the courage that they hold is trully amazing I often hope that even if I could have half the strength and courage that they have at such a young age I would be happy. Children are so strong and no matter how bad there day is they manage to rebound and not show there fear. Everyday they teach me the meaning of life and if I get one simple little smile or giggle from them my day is made…I would not change what I do for anything for being a nurse is trully amazing and that is why I am a nurse

  36. My love for nursing comes from within, whenever I come in contact with the patients and the first thing they love to say to you is that ” they hope that you are going to be there nurse for that day: just because of the love and care that you have shown from the times before truly means awhole lot. Because its not a day goes by, that I don’t strive to touch someones life and make them know that someone care…….. And that some is ME!!!!!!

  37. I love being a nurse because no one day is the same! There may be challenges, rewards and even let down but always a chance to make a difference. Everyday is a day to learn and grow to be a better nurse and human.

  38. I love being a nurse because I get to support and assist my patients through what may be one of their darkest times in their lives. It gives me great pleasure and reaffirms my commitment that I am serving others–I couldn’t wish for anything more!

  39. As a hospice nurse, I love being able to support and educate patients and their families during a difficult time. Working with the terminally ill makes one realize how important it is to live everyday to the fullest, and not to take anyone or anything for granted.

  40. I love nursing because i know that i can help educate about good health not only patients but other people that are not aware that they have to see thier doctors regularly to get check for any signs and symptoms of heart disease, the number one leading cause of death.

  41. I love being a home health nurse. I get to go into the patients environment, where they are most comfortable, and teach them about their disease processes and how to best manage them. I love when they have that “Aaaahaaa” moment and they get it! Watching pts succeed in managing disease processes in the home instead of being in and out of the hospital with exacerbations is so rewarding.

  42. I work with cancer patients and many times the future seems uncertain. So making sure that I give my best everynight is my priority. Just being able to hold their hands and listen to them when they being told there is nothing else they can do; or to help them out to have a good night sleep when they’re throwing up and nauseous. Yes, at the end of my 12 hour shift, I look back and thank God that I was able to be there for them. I love being a nurse and there is nothing else I want to do in life.

  43. Simply stated, Nurses save lives!

  44. I am a Neonatal intensive care nurse and absolutely love it. I love taking care of a little miracle that comes into the world and seeing them get better and better and eventually get to go home. There is nothing more rewarding then being able to see that 1 or 2 pound baby come to a NICU reunion and be walking and talking and come up to hug you that is absolutely priceless. It makes you feel good that you had a part in that little life now being so healthy!

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  46. I love working with elderly people,where they feel like helpless.I try my best to be there with them in tough times and situations.If i be able to put smile on one sad face or comfort one hurting soul that made my day. I feel like i won the whole world. I love my perofession

  47. I love my job, only the smile of a patient makes me feel that I was not mistaken when choosing to be nurse.

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  49. I enjoy being a nurse for lots of various reasons. I’m a people person so I enjoy encountering people from different walks of life. To see someone at their weakest point and heal them, encourage them to work to become stronger is a great privlidge that being a nurse has to offer. Nursing is a challenging profession physically, mentally and emotionally. I love nursing because of the chance to save lives and to continue to improve the quality of the lives I touch.

  50. I LOVE being a nurse because I like being a part of a wonderful healthcare team. I love seeing how our teamwork affects our patients positively. It’s great to collaborate with patients, physicians, and specialists to lead our patients in a positive direction. GO NURSES!

  51. Nursing has helped me grow so much as a person!! It gives me A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF SATISFACTION AND CONTENTMENT, as I have learned not to worry about what the other person is thinking about me, but instead to focus my heart of compassion totally upon the patient and his/her needs. I love having the ability and freedom to make a person more comfortable physically, and emotionally, and to support a person’s spiritual beliefs in the process!! NURSING IS AN AMAZING PROFESSION, AND I AM SO GLAD I CHOSE IT 42 years ago!!! 🙂

  52. Well, I will finally become a registered nurse next week when I graduate!!! I love nursing because you can do anything you want. I also love because I will be a role model to not only the community but to my kids. Yay, Mommy did it!!!

  53. I love being a nurse because am helping that really need me, just to see the smile of the elderly and to feel the touch of their hand on mine make realize how cruel is the word and so soon be forget about our parents and grandparents that give their life for us. The need of caring and love gave me energy to everyday to my job better, just to be there helping them.

  54. I love being a nurse because I am able to touch people’s lives in even the smallest tasks.

  55. Why i love being a nurse: I love helping people… and sometimes the smallest things can make a persons day sunny… a patient once asked me if i was working the next day because she felt like if i were there she could do anything ! that made me feel sooo good ! thats what nursing is all about, making the patinet feel better !

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  57. I love being a pediatric nurse because when I see my patients they love to give hugs and thanks for helping them fell better. It is so rewarding working with children.

  58. I love being a nurse because it’s fascinating to watch a broken piece heal. I sometimes come to work as a treatment nurse, and I do hands on work with wounds. To see open wounds close is very rewarding. It means I’ve done my job. The appreciation from my patients is more than enough to forget all the stress and worries I go through every day.

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  60. I love being a nurse because nurses touch the lives of many. To put a smile on someones face when they are sick is truly a joyous feeling. I LOVE BEING A NURSE!

  61. I love being a psychiatric nurse because mentally ill people out there will know that there is someone pschologically in their corner . It is a very difficult job and someone has to do it and that is why I chose to do it.

  62. Why do I love nursing? One simple thing. *I* have the ability to make a positive difference – no matter how small or large – in someone’s life on a daily basis. There is nothing more rewarding than that!

  63. From a child I love nurse, knocking and a patient room door and have smile and your face. talk and make eye contact make the patient fell comfortable, that make such a big diffrence in that patient life. nurse not only pass med but we have a big heart.

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  65. I love making a difference in people’s lives. Being a nurse has allowed me to care for others through times of challenges and tribulations. Lending a helping hand, no matter how big or small, can impact a person in such a way that perhaps I’ll never know. One thing is for certain though, I know I have given my all in providing compassionate care to my patients. Seeing a smile in my patient’s face makes me strive for better and appreciate the most important things in life. What more can I ask for?

  66. Nursing is an honor. I love nursing because I am allowed to enter into a human’s most vulnerable time and to give them the compassion they need to heal and recover. I am very blessed to be a nurse and to associate with amazing coworkers and courageous clients.

  67. I love having the opportunity each day to help others, always attempting my best and leading by example. Nursing can be so emotional and I am so lucky to have such great co-workers to lean on as well as being leaned on by them when times are hard. I am so thankful to have followed my life-long dream of nursing!

  68. Was in 3rd grade.My father was in hospital when i saw nurses helping patient’s with a big smile on their faces. I love being a nurse and love to help them and bring a smile on their faces. It’s tough for them and the family.Nursing is a very noble profession.I am highly satified with my job even though no bathroom break,lunch break some times they’re peed, pooped, hit,yelled and away from their families.

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