1 week, 22 years, A million reasons to celebrate

Since 1990, the week of May 6th through May 12th has been recognized as National Nurses Week…and 2011 will be the 22nd week-long recognition event to celebrate the contributions of nurses in our community!  This year’s theme? “Nurses Trusted to Care.” 

For a brief history of National Nurses Week, click here.

Need ideas to help show nurses how much you care?  Check out some of our suggestions here!

Thank you to all the nurses out there for your hard work and dedication to patients all over the world.

2 Comments on “1 week, 22 years, A million reasons to celebrate

  1. I love nursing due to several reasons.
    1) It is a fulfilling job that you can feel happy with yourself about.
    2) It is so nice to know that you are helping people out and that you make a huge difference to the patients.

  2. I was recently asked this question from a very new coworker. My reply after almost 20 years in the nursing field. ” Because everyonce in while you make a difference from the norm, and that difference changes lives”. I love being a nurse.

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