Win-It Wednesday ~ Let the Hunt Begin!

Think Easter Egg Hunt but for grown ups…today’s Win-It Wednesday Contest is a not hunt for eggs but a hunt for a print! 

Below is a close up image of one of the prints on our site…can you guess which print it is?  Comment below and tell us your answer!  And because one print often comes in several different styles, you only need to tell us the name of the print.   For example, the name of the print located here is “Berry Sweet.”

Which print am I?

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 am EST, we will randomly choose two winners to receive a $10 e-gift card for Uniform Advantage!  So start hunting, find the answer and comment below.  Don’t forget to check back on our blog tomorrow to see who won!  I will make sure to put a new post up announcing the winners.

Hint: you can start searching for the print on our Women’s Tops page!

Happy Hunting!


19 Comments on “Win-It Wednesday ~ Let the Hunt Begin!

  1. Style# UA194LBC
    UA Women’s Lady Bug Charm Scallop Neck Scrub Top

  2. The name of the print is:
    Lady Bug Charm

  3. The name of the print is Lady Bug Charm.

  4. It is a UA Woman’s Lady Bug Charm Ruffle Empire Mock Wrap Scrub Top

  5. Lady Bug Charm is the name of the print. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  6. Lady Bug Charm Scallop Neck Scrub Top

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