“Royal” Engagement to UA Scrubs

Today we are one month away from Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s Royal Wedding (April 29th is the big day…not like I’ve been counting or anything)!  On the heels of what will be one of the most talked about weddings of the century, was one of the most talked about engagements of the century…the Royal Engagement of course.  And in the spirit of “royal”ty, “royal” engagements, “royal” outfits, and “royal” engagement rings we are celebrating our “royal” scrubs! 

First, I’d like to present you with a beautiful duo of engagement photographs.  On the left is a photograph of Prince Charles along with the late Diana dressed in royal blue and wearing her dazzling royal engagement ring.  Then, on the right, we have Kate Middleton arm and arm with Prince William.  She is also wearing a royal blue outfit with her new royal engagement ring!  Noticing a trend here?  Not sure if both Diana and Kate wore royal in light of a “royal” engagement, but if the ring fits…

So of course, these photos and the excitement of the Royal Wedding presented itself with too good of an opportunity to pass up sharing this royal blue color trend.  Like Diana and Kate, you can also sport royal blue in our solid and print scrubs!

                                  Style# U403BOT

U403BOT UA Women's Botanical Garden Royal Crossover V-Neck Scrub Top      

                             Style# 66 – Best Buy

Style# 66 UA Best Buy Next Generation Mock Wrap Scrub Top

31 Days and Counting,


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