Win-It Wednesday ~ Where’s Ursula?

She’s bAAaaaAack!  Our beloved shopping assistant mascot, “Ursula,” has re-emerged from our UA vault… but where is she?  Good question!  It’s up to you to find “Ursula” somewhere on the Uniform Advantage site.  Think of it as the grown-up version of “Where’s Waldo” (although I wouldn’t mind pulling out one of my old books to get a good search in…pretty sure I no longer have his whereabouts memorized!).  Instead of searching for a gawky guy in a striped shirt within the confines of a hard-cover book, you’ll be looking for a cute and helpful girl in a UA polo within the confines of a website.  Below you can find an image of “Ursula” in case you’ve never met!

So while you’re browsing our selection of tops, pants, jackets and/or everything else on our site, make sure to keep an eye out for her.  Once you find “Ursula”, please comment on this post to tell us where you found her.  Each correct answer will receive a $10 e-gift card to Uniform Advantage.  Contest ends Thursday 3/24 at midnight EST and winners will be announced on Friday 3/25.

      Meet “Ursula!”

Here’s an example of “Ursula” being hidden:

Happy Searching!


12 Comments on “Win-It Wednesday ~ Where’s Ursula?

  1. buttersoft tab, under women’s collections.

  2. I found Ursula on the Butter-Soft Scrubs by UA page in the upper right side.

  3. She’s on the Butter Soft Scrubs by UA page

  4. I found Ursula on the butter soft scrubs by UA page:)

  5. I saw ursulia on the butter soft scrubs by UA page

  6. I found Ursela…. she is near the top of the page on the Women’s Butter Soft Scrubs by UA . I LOVE those Butter Soft Scrubs, thank you for offering white solid tops in trendy styles!! I can only wear white tops and plan on ordering some soon!! PLEASE keep them in stock for a while!!!!

  7. Ursula is on page 1 of the advertisement for Butter-soft scrubs by UA

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