Daylight Savings Time Means…Time for More Daylight and More Savings!

Yesterday was everyone’s favorite Daylight Savings Time  (okay, I may be generalizing here, but it’s definitely my favorite…granted there are only two to choose from).  As we “Spring Forward”, we get longer days with more daylight!  Now I won’t feel like getting ready for bed at 5:30 in the afternoon when the natural light in my apartment fades and it is dark enough to make me doze off.  Instead, we get to enjoy Spring for all things blooming and sunny.  And since our second UA Spring Catalog is out, we/you also get to reap the benefits of more scrubs savings! 

So here at UA we have our own spin on the meaning of Daylight Savings Time.  Get excited…it’s time for More Daylight (putting on the SPF and catching a few rays) and More Savings (yes! great prices on new spring scrubs).

Saving daylight, saving dimes and loving Springtime,


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