For the Love of Chocolate

Valentine’s Day.  Often one of the most controversial Hallmark Holidays in your calendar because people have all sorts of feelings about it!  There are those who wear dark colors on Valentine’s Day and those who get decked out in pink, white and red.  There are those who sometimes feel sad and those who feel happy.  To those who feel sad, feel happy or just don’t care on Valentine’s Day, this is my anthem to you!  Valentine’s Day may be “Hallmarked” as the day for couple-y love, but why just stop there?  I see it as a day to show your friends how much you love them.  I also see it as a day to indulge in your favorite type of chocolate without feeling bad about it.  It’s Valentine’s Day; give yourself some TLC –Teriffic Chocolate Loving—too!  So put on a smile or keep it on because the day for all things you love is next Monday, and at UA we are celebrating friends, heart print scrubs (of course) and saving the best for last…Chocolate.

This morning we asked around to find out what everyone’s favorite chocolate is for Valentine’s Day.  (Disclaimer: This is by no means a hint to get us chocolates, but if you do, we won’t complain!)  Here’s what we came up with:

Our most favorite of favorites by an overwhelming majority…

Chocolate covered strawberries! Dark, milk and white—they’re  all good!

In second place…

Dark chocolate, with anything!

  • Truffles
  • Ferrer Rochers
  • Coffee flavored
  • Mint filling
  • Dark chocolate covered nuts

More favorites:

Okay, not edible, but we do love this top and I just had to throw it in the mix :).  It’s the UA Women’s XOXO Print Scrub Top (H400XOX) if you’re wondering!

H400XOX UA Women's XOXO Print Scrub Top

Back to chocolate…

  • See’s Candies
  • Kit kats
  • Cadbury Crème Eggs
  • World’s Fines Chocolate- roasted California almonds covered in rich milk chocolate
  • Hershey’s Cookies and Crème

Let us know what is your favorite chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

For the love of chocolate,


3 Comments on “For the Love of Chocolate

  1. Love your site. I’d love to have an account, but don’t have a credit card.

  2. Good morning, Ann Gee!

    I just sent you an email, but just in case you come back to our blog first, here is some information regarding an account:

    We are currently working towards expanding our options for customers, but as for now, a credit card is our only option. However, you can order by phone, fax or mail an order! Below is a link to our order form:

    Click to access order_form.pdf

    Also, it’s great to hear you love our site! We always love to get positive feedback from customers like you :).

    Hope this helps!


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