“What’s Your Sign?” – not just a cheesy pick up line anymore…

I can honestly say I have never heard someone use the pick-up line “What’s your sign?” nor have I heard that line used on someone else.  For some reason though, it’s one of those infamously, cheesy pick-up lines that no one uses but everyone knows.  As of last week, we may be hearing this “What’s your sign?” question used more often.  Nope, not as a pick-up line, but as a serious question.  If you haven’t heard the buzz about it yet, it turns out that some astronomers now are saying that the zodiac sign you once thought you had may not be correct.  Something about months shifting?  You can find out more on this new revelation at ABC.com.  What are your thoughts?  And what is your sign 😉 ?

One Comment on ““What’s Your Sign?” – not just a cheesy pick up line anymore…

  1. I was never one to have much interest in zodiac signs, but one day while surfing the internet I wanted to see if the “stars” had anything to do with me and my fiancée’s destiny to be together. He’s a Pieces and I’m a Leo (today’s my birthday). We are total opposites of each other. Ironically, scientist believe that because of our differences, we are a perfect match. The articles described our personalities to the “T”. His sign is related to water, so he’s the calm one, easy going, not easily angered and very sweet and humble. As for me, my sign is related to fire. For the sake of this blog I will admit that I am stubborn, loud and sometimes bold. I take risk, he doesn’t, I love camping he rather stay home and camp out on the couch. As off balance as this may seem, researchers say this is exactly why we are compatible. We each bring to the table what the other lacks, for example: His calmness helps me relax when I am stressed out, and my passion for life fuels his determination for success. I am happy that I did a little research about zodiac signs, it has helped me understand and appreciate my soon to be husband more. So although, “what’s your sign is kind of cheesy” it may be very helpful in choosing your spouse and/or understanding the one you have now. – Liddy D. Miami, Fl

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