National Nurses Week…Celebrate for those who dedicate themselves to caring for others!

This year the American Nurses Association chose the perfect theme for National Nurses Week: “Working Today for a Healthier Tomorrow.”  In a nutshell, this motto describes what nurses do for us every day.  Even when they’re not wearing their scrubs, nurses are caring for those around them.  From helping the needy to nurturing the ill to healing the hurt, nurses work hard to make our world a happier and healthier place.  So this Nurses Week let’s celebrate everything they do for us!  Below are some suggestions we have for celebrating National Nurses Week 2010.  Please feel free to comment with some of your great ideas!


  1. Thank you card.  A simple handwritten thank you note or card that is personalized for a nurse or nurses who have had an impact on your life is always a meaningful gesture.
  2. Make a cake.  Cakes aren’t just for birthdays…they’re for celebrating too!  Celebrate with nurses this year by baking their favorite cake. 
  3. Bring in healthy snacks to the medical office.  Since the theme this year for Nurses Week is geared towards health, why not share some healthy snacks?  Veggies, fruits, whole grains…anything you can think of that everyone would enjoy.
  4. Donate.  Donate to a local charity or hospital…any amount small or large will benefit others.
  5. Wear scrubs to work. If you have to wear medical uniforms already, this may not present a challenge, but if you don’t have to wear scrubs every day, why not wear them some time this week!  Wearing scrubs can help show nurses that you are thinking about them and all they do.

~Contributing  Editor

Hannah Masimore

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