After a long day at work, how do you unwind when you get home?

Relax.   Even saying the word triggers the “ah” feeling we all get when we give ourselves the opportunity to simply relax.  And, as we all can attest to it, one of the best times of day to relax is after a long day at work. 

When it comes down to finding the perfect solution on how to unwind, we decided to ask a group of people here at UA and our Facebook friends and fans to talk about what they enjoy doing after a long day at work.  The results?  Well, it was obvious from the beginning…there is an incredible number of ways to help unwind after work.  With so many unique responses, we felt sharing them all could help inspire others.  We hope that with the list below you can find some new ideas to try at home!

Here is a list of what several of us at UA enjoy doing:

  1. Go to the gym
  2. Try a new recipe…then eat it!
  3. Play Scrabble
  4. Sit outside and simply enjoy the fresh air
  5. Get straight out of my medical scrubs and put on something comfy
  6. Have a glass of my favorite beverage
  7. Take a bubble bath with lavender or jasmine oil
  8. Light scented candles even while watching TV…the scent alone can be relaxing
  9. Enjoying my TV guilty pleasures
  10. Get into a good book
  11. Shop
  12. Dinner and a movie with friends
  13. People watch
  14. Stretch
  15. Catch up with an old friend
  16. Take a walk

When we asked our Facebook friends and fans, here is what they said:

  1. Shower, put dinner on, then sit in front of the TV or computer
  2. Take a nice walk outside
  3. Read a good book
  4. Take my dogs out for a walk
  5. Play tennis
  6. Listen to music

So, after browsing through our list, is there anything you’d like to add or suggest?  Please feel free to comment…we’d love to hear your feedback (or try it)!

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