We’re thrilled to announce our Greendale store has officially moved to a new location in West Allis, Wisconsin. We made it our goal to enhance the shopping experience for all of our customers, and with that in mind, we decided to relocate to a beautiful new location in West Allis.

If you are in the Milwaukee/West Allis area, our new location is the perfect place to stop by and shop for your uniform needs.

Sneak a peek of our remodeled and relocated store in West Allis, Wisconsin.



Our new location features a wide variety of scrubs and accessories. You can find all of your favorite brands including, CherokeeGrey’s AnatomyWonderWink.


And of course UA exclusive brands like Butter-Soft StretchEasy Stretch, and Best Buy.


Visit our new location at 10288 West National Avenue, on Highway 100 and National in West Allis, right next door to Target! We are located 20 minutes away from our old location in Greendale.


For any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 414-541-6166. Our in-store hours are Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm and Sunday 11am – 6pm.

Check out our West Allis Store Facebook page to keep up with ongoing promotions and events!



At Uniform Advantage, we work diligently to meet every customer’s needs and provide a positive customer service experience. Don’t just take our word for it – see what customers are saying about Uniform Advantage on Bizrate Surveys!

“Uniform Advantage makes ordering uniforms so easy. They describe every detail about the item so you know exactly what you’re buying. I definitely recommend it and will buy again.”


We thrive on customer reviews such as:

“We have just started wearing uniforms at work, and my biggest struggle with online shopping has been matching colors. I love how Uniform Advantage lists the colors that will match each scrub top! It makes shopping much easier.”

And even more customers have displayed their satisfaction with our services…

“They have great sales on name brand scrubs all year long. Great selection and prices! They have anything you could possibly want. Along with a great selection of sizes from petite and tall. And an insanely large selection of Butter-Soft scrubs in any color you could possibly imagine!”

We strive towards providing this level of customer satisfaction with every transaction made on our website and at our retail locations. Visit us at www.uniformadvantage.com today, and please don’t forget to leave us a review after your purchase is complete! We value your feedback.

Imagine that every day, you live moment to moment. Each moment is fleeting through a schedule – a routine. Imagine that any break of that routine completely disrupts your function. It could be a shower at a different time, a doctor’s appointment or a visit from a family member. Friends and family become strangers, music becomes sharp, food becomes unpleasant, a bath becomes torture.

This is life for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease.

These individuals lose more than their memories. They lose their language, personality, memories, and overall function as it slowly, gradually progresses.

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Join us this month to raise awareness and increase understanding of this degenerative brain disease.



  • Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • 7 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s – By 2050, this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 Million.
  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia – it kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.
  • In 2018, Alzheimer’s and other dementias will cost the national $277 Billion – by 2050, these costs could rise as high as $1.1 Trillion.

How can you help?

Shop Awareness Scrubs at Uniform Advantage

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