A Day in Scrubs


1st impressions last. Patients are a hospital’s customers. When hospitals put their patients first, they become very happy customers. Very happy customers pay and come back. Very happy customers will send in more referrals. Health care systems around the world have been moving from a supply-driven model to a value-based healthcare model. Why? Because healthcare costs are increasing and profit margins are getting lower as a result of only focusing on patient… Read More

1) In the Gregorian Calendar, August is the eighth month of the year. Prior to this calendar in the Roman Calendar, the month of August was originally named Sextilis in Latin being the sixth month. August got its name in honor of Augustus Caesar in 8 BC. 2) August is such a fun month and being the last month of Summer, why not celebrate all the way! Check out some of the… Read More

Twitter is an excellent communication tool and source of information when used properly amongst the noise of millions of tweets per day. It offers great learning opportunities as well as create a medium for quick interactions that facilitates easy knowledge transfer on the go! We found several twitter feeds written by nurse communities and professionals that we care about what they have to say! Ch…Ch…Check it out! Nursing Communities & Nursing Resources… Read More


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